OC says it has started paying salary to ex-staffers

New Delhi: Dismissing reports of its ex-staffers not being paid for their work, Commonwealth Games Organising Committee on Tuesday said that it has cleared salaries to its first batch of former employees and the remaining "backlog" will be settled soon.

The OC issued a statement saying that it was doing so to clear the misinformation and "in response to the prevailing rumours about the unpaid ex-staffers of Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi".

"The entire staff of OC joined in several phases and they are being relieved according to the completion of the work assigned to them," the OC said in a release.

It said the employees were relieved in six phases after the completion of the CWG and the first batch of them has been given their salary.

"As per data provided by Joint Director General Workforce FA, NP Singh, 1054 employees have been relieved till date. The first batch has taken their exit on October 20 following which the employees were relieved in six phases. Calculating the full and final salaries, taking into account leave adjustments and tax deductions, is a tasking job," the release said.

"Our Accounts FA is working extra mile to clear the backlog," said Singh.

The final amounts of 226 employees who exited in first phase has already been credited to their account while for the 403 employees who exited in phase two, the same will be done on December 28-29.

The final settlement for 162 employees (who exited in phase three), 84 (phase four), 47 (phase five) and 132 (phase six) is expected to be made by the first week of January, 2011, the OC said.