OC seeks Rs750 cr insurance cover in event of CWG cancellation

New Delhi: The Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, which has been receiving flak for tardy
preparations, is seeking a hefty insurance cover of Rs 750
crore in the event of cancellation of the sporting

"Non-staging of the Games due to any reason, including
terrorism or non-transmission of video signal to broadcasters
during the event, are being taken into account in the Rs 750-
crore insurance cover proposal," a senior OC official said.

"We are in the process of finalising the event
cancellation insurance cover," the official added.

With less than a month left for the Games, authorities
are drawing criticism for the unfinished infrastructure for
the event. Some prominent sportspersons have already opted out
of the October Games citing various reasons.

This is apart from the Rs 500 crore insurance cover
already finalised by the OC for athletes, CWG staff and
technical officials, spectators and volunteers during the

"We have followed the Commonwealth Games Federation
guidelines while deciding on the insurance package covering
all eventualities," said the official, adding, "Rs 500 crore
insurance cover is being finalised under Comprehensive General
Liability category."

The comprehensive cover is expected to insure about 9,000
people including athletes, Games staff and officials.

However, the insurance package does not cover venues or
stadia as government buildings are never insured.

There are different categories in the insurance package
including sickness cover, personal accident and any
eventuality involving spectators and volunteers.

While in the personal accident category, Rs 25 lakh is
earmarked for athletes and accompanying officials, for
sickness cover the amount ranges between Rs two lakh and Rs
10 lakh depending upon the individual level.

Similarly, the insurance cover for spectators and
volunteers during the Games is Rs one lakh each.