Olympic race ace Mo Farah vows to win next week`s London Marathon

London: Olympic champion racer Mo Farah has reportedly vowed to win the London Marathon next week and then celebrate by doing his famous Mobot.

Despite the upcoming marathon being his debut over the 26-mile distance, Farah, who won 5,000 metres and 10,000 metres gold in 2012, said that he can win again.

Farah said that although he does not want to say that he is definitely going to win, but he feels really good adding that he has a good chance of winning the race, the Daily Star reported

The race ace said that the London Marathon is what the athletes call ` fully-loaded`, which means all the top athletes are going to be there, adding that he is one of the top athletes .

Farah also said that if he arrives at the start, having done whatever his trainer wants him to do, and with no `niggles`, then he feels that he might win, adding that marathon`s are won in the last two miles.

Farah said that if the marathon did come to a sprint, then he has that covered too with his speed from years on track, the report added.