Omar Farah doing all he can to make Mo proud again

ANI| Updated: Dec 30, 2013, 14:58 PM IST

London: Brother of Olympic hero Mo, Omar Farah has vowed to keep his troubled past behind and improve his relationship with his US-based half brother and make him proud again.

Omar, an allegedly regular cannabis smoker, was jailed in April after breaching the terms of a suspended sentence for criminal damage and assault, and was cleared of more serious charges of burglary and theft.

Now the aspiring graphic designer has pleaded with Mo to get back in touch after their relationship cooled following negative press reports about Omar`s brushes with the law, the Daily Star reports.

Omar strenuously denied claims that he had been an anti-social pest or had taken drugs in the past two years.

He said that the last time he talked to the double gold medallist Mo was about four months ago, adding that he was trying to change and didn`t want to be the negative limelight when his brother was doing so well.

Omar hoped that he could move on with his life by furthering his education, a step he reckons will impress Mo, and insisted that all he wanted was his brother`s love.

The report added Omar saying that he never asked Mo for money and he just wanted to be in contact with him again.