Organisers goof up in Asian wrestling meet

Updated: Apr 18, 2013, 23:19 PM IST

New Delhi: The medal ceremony on the opening day of the Asian Wrestling Championship saw a major faux pas by the organisers as they ended up playing a Bollywood movie song instead of the national anthem of the gold-medal winning country.

In the first medal ceremony, all the winners were standing on the podium, waiting for the national anthem of a Korean wrestler, who won the gold in the 55-kg category.

The Korean, who was standing on the podium, looked bemused as the music began even as others stood for the anthem.

So absorbed in egging on the Indian fans, the organisers, in what was to be a major embarrassment, ended up playing the title song of the film `Chak de India`.

In the first 20 secs, not many present in the stadium were aware that a different song had been played barring, off course, the South Koreans.

The goof-up was more embarrassing as it took place in front of the president of the Asian wrestling body, Chang-Kew Kim, who is also from South Korea.

The organisers realised their blunder only when the lyrics started. The music was instantly cut short and the Korean wrestler was escorted off the podium without his national anthem.

The embarrassed organisers immediately apologised for the gaffe, through an announcement.