Phelps says learning `most humbling game` golf tough nut to crack

Washington: Swimming great Michael Phelps has revealed he is finding learning golf, which he believes is one of the most humbling games in world, a tough nut to crack.

Phelps said it is one of the most humbling games he has tried to do in his entire life, adding he could always pick things up fairly easily, but he doesn`t get how hitting a little object, a little white ball, that isn`t moving, is so hard.

The American added why can`t he just hit this in a straight line or hook it, or draw it, or fade it, he just can`t do it, adding he is finally learning how to be able to do all that stuff and do it consistently but he still do have some pretty bad shots.

Phelps said throwing clubs, using profanity everything comes out. However, there are some moments of magic, such as when, as a 26 handicapper he sank a monster 150-foot putt at the Dunhill Links pro-am in Scotland last October.