Pinki Pramanik’s ex-partner takes u-turn; says she implicated her falsely

Updated: Jul 14, 2012, 09:14 AM IST

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Kolkata: Pinki Pramanik’s former live-in partner, on whose charges the former athlete was arrested, took a complete u-turn on Friday saying that she brought rape charges against her on the behest of Avtar Singh, husband of former Asian Games medallist and ex-CPM MP Jyotirmoyee Sikdar.

She said that Avtar Singh had some land dispute with Pramanik, for which he needed to prove that Pinki was a male. This comes after Bengal sports minister Madan Mitra claimed a few day back that a person who was arrested in 2004 had tried to grab the lands of the sportspersons allocated by the Left Front government in 2006.

It was learnt that Avtar had also tried to usurp Pinki’s three-cottah land off the EM Bypass. Sikdar, who supported Pinki and spoke against the arrest, denied any involvement of her husband, saying that the current regime was trying to implicate her husband falsely.

But Pinki’s former partner described the story which led to Pramanik’s arrest. "After a tiff over payments, Singh told me over phone we need to show the world Pinki is a male," the woman told TOI, hinting that the plan was to portray Pramanik as a fraud and pack her away to prison.

"Their problem started after Pinki demanded more money for the plot of land where Singh is building a highrise. Singh paid her a part of the Rs 30lakh Pinki demanded but their bickering continued," she said.