Pistorius’ girlfriend planned to speak about ‘domestic abuse’ in school on death day

Updated: Feb 16, 2013, 13:17 PM IST

Washington: Oscar Pistorius’ murdered girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp had planned to speak about domestic abuse to students of a high school in Johannesburg on the day she was allegedly shot dead by the Paralympic and Olympic star.

In a speech to teens in Johannesburg, Reeva Steenkamp was to recount painful memories of how she left her childhood hometown to escape an abusive boyfriend.

Just hours before she was shot, the blond beauty had picked up a ‘surprise’ Valentine`s Day gift for Pistorius, a set of framed photos of the two of them, it reported.

A daily quoted Steenkamp’s speech, as saying: “I lost a lot of self-worth during my last year in Port Elizabeth before I moved to (Johannesburg) and it took some serious soul searching to remind myself of my value in the world.”

Steenkamp’s rocky relationship history appeared to help forge her Valentine``s Day message to the teens: “Cherish yourself, and your loved ones.”

“I hope that you have the most amazing Valentine`s Day and that you are spoiled with love, roses and chocolates,” her speech said.

“Go home and tell your neighbors, parents, siblings that they are appreciated. You will go to bed with a happy heart and an open mind for the future,” the speech further said. However, Steenkamp never got the chance to deliver the message, as four shots fired through a bathroom door, reportedly striking her in the head, chest, hand and pelvis, ended Steenkamp``s life shortly before dawn at Pistorius`` gated Pretoria home.

Pistorius, the Olympic hero known as “Blade Runner,” was formally charged with the brutal slaying on Friday.