Pistorius watched online pornography night before Steenkamp's murder

Johannesburg: Ballistics and blood spatter experts detail the dying moments of Oscar Pistorius`s girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on the 13th day of his murder trial.

Here are the highlights from Wednesday`s proceedings:

*The Paralympian plugged his ears with his fingers as police ballistics expert Chris Mangena described the sequence of bullets that struck the 29-year-old model through a locked bathroom door on February 14, 2013.

The first of the four bullets hit her right hip. She then fell down. The next bullet missed, another struck her right arm, and a final one clipped her left hand before hitting the right side of her head.

This could support witness testimony about hearing screams during the shots, and contradicts the athlete`s version that Steenkamp was shot in the head first and could not scream to alert him it was her behind the door, and not an intruder.

* The ballistics report suggests Pistorius was at least 60 centimetres (2 feet) from the door when he fired the shots, and could have been as far back as three metres (10 feet).

Pistorius`s distance from the door may shed light on whether he fired from further away out of fear or came up close to make sure he hit his target.

* The wounds on different parts of Steenkamp`s body showed a pause between the first shot and the other three, during which she changed position, according to Mangena.

Defence lawyer Barry Roux said he would argue Pistorius fired two "double-shots" in rapid succession.

* Pistorius watched online pornography the night before he killed Steenkamp, according to the browsing history on his two iPads.

The prosecution is expected to use this to counter the double-amputee sprinter`s argument he was in a loving relationship with his girlfriend.

* The court adjourned until Monday to give the prosecution time to re-examine its final witnesses before closing its case early next week.

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