Rs 10 million cash prize for Pakistan hockey team

Karachi: The Pakistan hockey team that has won the Asian Games gold medal after 20-years today became richer by 10 million rupees when the chief minister of Punjab hosted a grand reception in Lahore to celebrate their achievement.

Chief minister Shahbaz Sharif while lauding the performance of the team announced a cash reward of ten million rupees for the team to be distributed among the players and officials.

"Winning a major title after 16 years and bringing back the Asian Games title after 20-years is no small achievement," Sharif said at the reception.

He said that at a time when Pakistan is facing manifold problems and crises, the Asian Games gold medal was like a whiff of fresh air for the nation.

"The entire nation is proud of our team which played with pride to win this laurel and honor for Pakistan," Sharif said.

He hoped that in future also the team would continue to prosper and win many more titles for Pakistan.

"Pakistan at this crucial juncture of its history needs its sportspersons to do well at the international level and bring joy and celebration for the nation," he added.

He also announced that the provincial government would provide an astro turf to the Pakistan Hockey Federation.

The President and secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation, ministers and other officials attended the reception.

President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani have also promised to host grand receptions to welcome the hockey team with cash prizes of around half-a-million each for the players.