S African athlete Pistorius considering blanking out BBC over insult

London: South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, who has acquired fame for competing internationally with artificial legs, is considering blanking out the BBC until they explain an “insulting” and “totally unacceptable” interview on Radio 4.

Pistorius, 24, who has been dogged by controversy following the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to allow him to compete with artificial legs, took offence at the line of questioning from the usually affable Rob Bonnet, who asked: “Some people regard you as an inspiration to Paralympic athletes.

“But it might also be said that you’re an inconvenient embarrassment to the South African authorities and the IAAF because, effectively, you’re taking them into uncharted ethical waters here. What’s your reaction to that?”

Pistorius replied: “I think that’s an insult to me and I think this interview is over.”

Representatives of Pistorius asked the BBC not to run the interview and, as soon as it aired, asked the program producer for an explanation.

Bureau Report

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