SAI gags Brasa after controversial interview

New Delhi: India`s chief hockey coach Jose
Brasa was today gagged from speaking to the media after a
controversial interview in which he claimed that he was being
treated like a slave by the Sports Authority of India and
Hockey India.

The Sports Authority of India promptly reacted by
putting a gag order on the Spaniard till the Commonwealth

"I am sorry I can`t speak to any journalist. I have been
forbidden by my employer SAI this afternoon to give any
interviews to journalists till the Commonwealth Games," Brasa
said from Pune.

"They asked me not to speak to any journalist as it
might hamper the team`s preparations for the Commonwealth
Games," he said.

"But definitely, I will speak to you guys after the
Games," he added.

The new controversy in Indian hockey ignited after Brasa
accused HI and SAI of treating him like a slave and not
honouring their promise of taking care of his family`s
accommodation and education.

In the interview, Brasa also said that despite being the
chief coach he had hardly any role to play in team selections,
Brasa`s comments have infuriated HI, whose secretary
general Narinder Batra said that the Spaniard was trying to
portray himself as a "martyr" after failing to deliver in his

"What I feel is that Brasa wants to paint himself as a
martyr because he knows his contract won`t be renewed after
the Asian Games. He has failed to deliver. Nothing is
exceptional about him," Batra said.