Salman Khan hits back; questions Tendulkar, Rahman's appointment as Goodwill Ambassadors

 Salman's appointment was questioned by wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and legendary athlete Milkha Singh.

Salman Khan hits back; questions Tendulkar, Rahman's appointment as Goodwill Ambassadors

New Delhi: Bollywood megastar Salman Khan on Sunday hit back at critics on the issue of his appointment as Indian contingent's Goodwilll Ambassador for Rio Games.

At the time, Salman's appointment was questioned by wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and legendary athlete Milkha Singh. Even sections of the media turned the heat on Khan.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, the Sultan actor not only cleared the air about his role as Goodwill Ambassador but also slammed the double standards of his detractors.

"After me, who all have been made goodwill ambassadors? Sachin (Tendulkar), AR Rahman and Abhinav Bindra, right? So, did that (the news of them being roped in) start off well or mine?.

"The media should have done the same thing (criticised the other goodwill ambassadors) when Sachin and Rahman were roped in. Why didn’t that happen? Why did the media not give them the same kind of coverage they gave me? In their case, too, while one isn’t a sportsperson, the other one has only played one sport," Salam told HT.

"Does Rahman need a state-level certificate or a national-level medal to be called a sportsperson? In fact, are all kids, who have tried out certain sports but haven’t won a medal, not sportspersons? Aren’t all the kids or other persons, who like and follow a particular sports sportspersons? If they are, then why just pick on me?

"Some people say, “He has court cases [against him].” So, you have issues with one person, who has court cases, becoming the Olympics goodwill ambassador. But there are so many big politicians who have court cases [against them]. So, desh zyaada important hai ya Olympics (is Olympics more important than the country)? Mere liye toh desh (for me, the country) is most important . So, I am ready to leave it (the ambassadorship), if you (the politicians) also leave [your posts]. There are so many people, who have [cases of] scams, corruption and even rapes, but they are still there (on important posts)," he further added.

Salman also stated that his motive to join hands with the Indian Olympic Association was to help the Rio Games get publicity and not promote his upcoming film.