Security arrangements during Olympics wont turn London into fortress: Lord Coe

London: The Chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Lord Coe has said that military and army deployment won’t beleaguer London, and that all foreign tourists would be welcomed with open arms.

Coe also promised that all the recent declarations on troops and military deployments would be executed in a proportional as well as balanced manner.

He stressed on the fact that the Olympics security won’t eclipse visitors welcome, The Guardian reports. “There has to be proportionality here. You don`t want people coming to London thinking they`ve walked into a siege city, being filmed every 20 paces they take and being bundled off pavements,” said Coe.

“There is no appetite for risk. Everybody knows this is a complex, complicated world and this is a big global city. But we also want people to come here and leave feeling they``ve had an extraordinary time and want to come back,” he further added. Coe said that he won’t want any visitor to go back with a sour taste, instead he wants that anyone who visits London during the Games would like to come back here again.


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