Syham Sundar, Vo Thi Kim Phung maintain lead

Chennai: International Master International Master M Shyam Sundar of India and Woman FIDE Master Vo Thi Kim Phung of Vietnam maintained their overnight lead at the end of the sixth round
of the Asian Junior Chess Championships here on Monday.
of India and Woman FIDE Master Vo Thi Kim Phung of Vietnam maintained their overnight lead at the end of the sixth round
of the Asian Junior Chess Championships here on Monday.

In the Open category, Shyam Sundar is the sole leader with 5.5 points while Mehar Chinna Reddy is in second spot with 5 points.

Eight other Indian players -- IMs Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, M R Lalith Babu, N Srinath, P Karthikeyan and K Priyadarshan, FM Nitin and untitled players Anwesh Upadhyaya and Swayams Mishra are in joint third place with 4.5 points apiece.

In the girls section, WFM Vo Thi Kim Phung of Vietnam is the sole leader with six points followed by yet another foreigner, WFM Nakhbayeva Guliskhan of Kazakhstan. third place is shared by four Indian players, defending champion and WIM Padmini Rout, Candidate Master Bhakti Kulkarni and untitled players R Preethi and P Michelle Catherina with 4.5 points each.

In the sixth round, the two overnight leaders IMs N Srinath and M Shyam Sundar took on each other. Shyam Sundar played black side of a classical Queens Gambit exchange variation. Srinath chose to castle on the opposite wing. Shyamsundar quickly launched play against the White king by sacrificing his rook pawn.

Before white could launch an attack, Shyam initiated a flurry of tactics and won two pawns and a piece to force Srinath`s resignation in 41 moves.

On the second table, IM K Priyadarshan faced Sicilian Classical variation of IM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi. Priyadarshan played solid chess and though Vidit had two Bishops against a Bishop and Knight of Priyadarshan, both could not make any headway and a draw was agreed upon after 77 moves.

Giant killer Mehar Chinna Reddy defeated IM S P Sethuraman in 36 moves. Mehar handled the Colle System and soon gained the initiative early. He handled the position in
fine fashion to romp home in 36 moves.

Vo Thi Kim Phung enjoys a one point lead over her rivals and looks poised to win her maiden Asian title along with the title of Woman International Master.

Today she was lucky to win against WFM Hejazipour Mitra of Iran. Kim Phung, playing white, wasted some moves in the Torre opening to hand over comfortable play to Hejazipour Mitra.

Mitra won an exchange and in a advantageous position, penetrated deep into her opponents territory with her major pieces, leaving her king barely exposed.

Kim was alert to the situation and was threatening a perpetual check, when Mitra unwisely avoided it. She lost a whole Rook in the process and had to admit defeat in 56 moves.

On the second table, Bhakti Kulkarni played out a draw with compatriot R Preethi. WFM Nakhbayeva Guliskhan of Kazakhstan handed a second straight defeat to Pratyusha Bodda of India.

Nakhbayeva handled the white side of a Nimzo Indian defence in copybook style to control the whole board. Pratyusha could not resist the pressure and gave up on her at
37th move.

With this win, Nakhbayeva moves into second place with five points. Defending Champion WIM Padmini Rout came into her own when she beat compatriot R Bharathi in a Sicilian Najdorf game. In a seemingly equal position, Bharathi overlooked a
tricky mating pattern involving a Rook sacrifice to bow out in 35 moves.

Three more rounds remain in the championship.

Results (Round 6)

Narayanan Srinath IND 4.5 lost to Shyam Sundar M IND 5.5; Priyadharshan K IND 4.5 drew with Vidit Santosh Gujrathi IND 4.5; Mehar Chinna Reddy C H IND 5 bt Sethuraman S P IND 4; Lalith Babu M R IND 4.5 bt Pascua Haridas IND 3.5; Anwesh
Upadhyaya IND 4.5 bt Akkozov Berik KAZ 3.5; Krishna C R G IND 3.5 lost to Karthikeyan P IND 4.5; Das Sayantan IND 3.5 lost to Swayams Mishra IND 4.5; Lokesh P IND 4 drew with Darini Pouria IRAN 4; Nitin S IND 4.5 bt Arun Karthik R IND 3.5;
Narayanan K IND 4 drew with ashwin Jayaram IND 3.5; Adhiban B IND 4 bt Tan Weiliang SIN 3; Gagare Shardul IND 3.5 drew with Swapnil S Dhopade IND 3.5; Debashis Das IND 4 bt Kathmale Sameer IND 3; Akash Pc Iyer IND 3 lost to Shyam Nikil P IND 4; Rajesh V A V IND 4 bt Karthikeyan Murali IND 3.

Round 6 Results – Girls

Vo Thi Kim Phung VIE 6 bt Hejazipour Mitra IRAN 4; Bhakti Kulkarni IND 4.5 drew with Preethi R IND 4.5; Nakhbayeva Guliskhan KAZ 5 bt Pratyusha Bodda IND 4; Bharathi R IND 3.5 lost to Padmini Rout IND 4.5; Michelle Catherina P IND 4.5 bt Khademalsharieh Sarasadat IRAN 3.5; Pon Nkrithika IND 3 lost to Cholleti SahajaSri IND 4; Saranya J IND 3.5 drew with A Akshaya IND 3.5; Tay Li Jin Jeslin SIN 4 bt Afshar Niusha IRI 3; Harini S IND 3 lost to Sithalatchumi A IND 4; Mitali Madhukar Patil IND 3 lost to Lasya G IND 4; Alavi Homa IRI 3 lost to Nandhidhaa Pv IND 3.5; Shetye Siddhali IND 3 drew with Gagare Shalmali IND 3; Lakshmi Praneetha K IND 3 drew with Bala Kannamma P IND 3; Sunyasakta Satpathy IND 3.5 bt Savetha C H IND 2.5.


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