Tel Aviv calls off marathon after runner`s death

Jerusalem: The Tel Aviv municipality announced it is cancelling the full marathon scheduled to take place on Friday, after the death of a runner at the half-marathon last week.

The health ministry warned that the hot weather forecast on Friday would pose a health risk for runners, therefore it called for the marathon`s cancellation.

On Friday, Michael Michaelovich, 29, passed away during a half-marathon and more than a dozen of Israelis have been hospitalised in serious conditions after running in a scorching heat of 34 degrees Celsius.

Overall 50 people were hospitalised. The majority of them were discharged throughout the weekend. There were 35,000 participants in the different tracks on Friday`s half-marathon.

The health ministry appointed a committee to examine the rules for holding sports events under hard weather conditions and is set to hand in its recommendations within the next three months.

Two years ago, a 42-year-old man died during the marathon suffering from hyperthermia and 15 people required medical attention with three of them sustaining serious injuries.