Toronto Raptors fall to San Antonio Spurs in NBA

Toronto: The Toronto Raptors lost 106-111 against the San Antonio Spurs in double overtime in NBA action.

This was the fifth consecutive loss for the Raptors, dropping their overall record to 3-11 to begin the season.

The team`s record after 14 games ties them with the Detroit Pistons for the second worst in the NBA this season, only ahead of the winless 0-11 Washington Wizards.

The 3-11 record also marks the third worst start in franchise history. Only the 1997-98 and 2005-06 seasons had worst starts, with 1-13 records through 14 games in both seasons.

"It`s frustrating," said Raptors forward DeMar DeRozan during a post-game interview Sunday.

"There`s no way we should be a 3-11 team right now. If you count, easily, there should have been eight or nine games we should have won. We`ve just got to finish our games," DeRozan added.

DeRozan`s optimism comes from the fact that the team has been competitive in most of their games. Of the team`s eleven losses, nine of them have been within ten points.

In addition, five losses have been be a margin of five points or less. Furthermore, the team has played in a total of five overtime periods, more than any other team so far this season.

Raptors head coach Dwane Casey also shares a positive outlook on the season so far.

"If it was a sprint, we would have won (against the Spurs) but it`s not, it`s a marathon," said Casey.

"We`re in a process. I know it doesn`t look like it, it sounds like a broken record but we are getting better. Getting a collection of guys playing well together on the same night and we`re going to be cooking with gas," added Casey.

With 68 remaining in the regular season, the team looks to improve from their 23-43 record from last season, when the team had the seventh worst record in the NBA.