Vijender Singh vs Kerry Hope: WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title bout — As it happened...

History maker Vijender Singh became first Indian to hold a WBO sanctioned belt after beating Kerry Hope of Australia.

Vijender Singh vs Kerry Hope: WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title bout — As it happened...

The history making bout witnessed an unprecedented crowd, involving sporting icons, B-town celebrities and politicians. But most importantly, the WBO fight night helped boxing gained new foothold in India.

And the result, by unanimous decision, with scores of 98-92, 98-92, 100-90 from three judges, in favour of Vijender Singh. "This is not about me. This is about my country," an emotional Vijender Singh tells Charu Sharma after the belt presentation.

Round 10/10: Hope started the final round strongly, even as Vijender tried to fend off using his longer reach. And at times, both the boxers were looking for that decisive blow to settle the fight.

The final moments, however, brought plenty of throws from either side. Seconds away from the final gong, Vijender landed a couple of lucky right blows.

Round 9/10: Hope started the penultimate round on a strong note. And Vijender, smart and wiser, waited for the right moment and landed a huge right.

Hope responded with an equally menacing blow to Vijender. The duo continued exchanging body blows. Scrappy end the the round and both the boxers aimed and missed, aimed and missed.

Round 8/10: Vijender continued to press hard but not certainly landing his blows. Tired and exhausted, both the boxers resorted to hugging and wrestler.

Then, in the last minute, Vijender increased tempo, landing couple of blows. But Hope got his fight back in the last moment. Now, it's about lasting.

Round 7/10: Another left-right combination from the Indian to start the round seven. Hope then suffered a body blow. Few more blows to the body, and Vijender gained hand going into the wrestle mode.

Hope, charging with his head down, landed a left jab. But a big right handed blow to standing Hope. The Aussie then began closing the distance.

The round ended with an exchange of body blows.

Round 6/10: Hope started with two hits on the back of Vijender's head. The Indian responded with a straight jab, and seemed to have landed couple more. 

Two quick hits on the face from the Indian, then the two boxers resorted to wrestling. Hope than landed a right blow, only to see himself getting two back to back combinations from Vijender. Huge moment in the bought.

Brilliant round from Vijender.

Round 5/10: What a start from Vijender. Huge body blow then point-earning shots in to Hope's head. After few exchanges, Vijender managed to land another blow in body.

Towards the end, both the boxers exchanged huge body blows. Both the boxers have suffered cuts.

Round 4/10: Vijender started the fourth round sprightly, and landed couple of combinations, and in the corner Hope wrestled down the Indian.

Wild swings followed, very unlike for pros. And Hope continued to duck. Good skill. And out of nowhere, cornered Hope landed a beauty of a left.

And even round.

Round 3/10: It the first two rounds were about Vijender Singh attacking, then the third round started with the Indian boxer defending. But as the round progressed, Vijender opened up with some meaty blows. For Hope, it was all attack, attack. He's truly the aggressor.

Towards the end of the round, a sleek left jab caught Hope in the head. But the Indian showed glimpses of disappointment as the bell rang to a close.

For it's part, the gathering in Delhi has been euphoric so far. Cheering!

Round 2/10: Good start from Vijender with quick left jabs, then a brief stoppage as referee inspected Vijender's gloves for sticker. Bout resumed with Vijender slipping and on his knees. No harms done though.

It was followed by a huge left hook on the ducking Hope, and the Aussie found himself unsettled even as Vijender jostled with confidence.

Another clean hit from Vijender and Hope resorted to face saving jumps. Another good round for the Indian.

Round 1/10: Cautious start from both the boxers, even though Hope seemed to have made some ground with couple of first throws. Vijender's greater reach came to good use in the opening round, keeping his opponent at bay. Nice end to Vijender, with a couple of big body blows – a tactics both the boxers employed.

Follows by national anthem round.

Then, Vijender Singh, clad in Tri-colour, to a loud techno beat.

First in the ring is Kerry Hope, the proverbial underdog as India welcome professional boxing.​

On the sidelines, it's all praise for Vijender Singh. "Vijender Singh is our biggest boxing icon. We have big hopes from him," cricketing legend Virender Sehwag said.

Next up is the main event: Vijender Singh vs Kerry Hope

Another unanimous decision, in favour of Siddharth Verma. He is the new champion.

Selfie time for Suresh Raina

The belt Vijender is fighting for...

Next bout if for India IBC super welterweight title between Dilbagh Thakran and Siddharth Verma.

Another unanimous decision, in favour boxer in red corner Nengneihat Kom.

"Good to see the energy and the support. Everyone’s done an amazing job. This atmosphere is like playing in the World Cup," Raina said during his brief appearance in the centre.

Next is a three-round contest between two featherweight boxers – Boichang and Nengneihat – from Mary Kom Academy in a special bout. And before the bout, Mary Kom and Suresh Raina in the centre of the ring to the huge applause.

The bout ended with a brutal fourth round. A relentless Sanjeev Sahota showed his class to beat a defensive Vikas Lohan by unanimous decision in super lightweight category.

Next bout is between two Indians, Vikas Lohan and Sanjeev Sahota.

And the build up continues with yet another win for India. Kuldeep Dhanda beats Vichayan Khamon of Thailand by points in super lightweight category.

The bout will be a 10-round affair. Vijender, who has a 6-0 record so far, is expected to win but Hope could proved to be his strongest opponent. The Aussie boxer has a record 23-7 win-loss record.

While the Indian pro is known for his right-handed and cross punches, the the 34-year-old Aussie is a typical south-paw, and is believed to be equally effective with cross punches too.

Vijender, who stands 6 feet tall has a greater reach at 7 feet, against Hope's 6 feet 10 inches. Hope's height is 5 feet 10 inches.

However, the Australian has upper hand body weight, with 75.7 kg to Vijender's 74.9kg

Uncdercard bouts have started at Thyagraj Sports Complex. Meanwhile, let's look at Vijender's all six previous bouts:

defeated Sonny Whiting (Technical Knockout)
defeated Dean Gillen (Knockout)
defeated Samet Hyuseinov (Technical Knockout)
defeated Alexander Horvath (Knockout)
defeated Matiouze Royer (Technical knockout)
defeated Andrzej Soldra (Technical knockout)

Here's everything you need to know about the main fight:

Title at stake: WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title

Weight: 69.9kg to 72.5kg

Time: 7 pm IST

Venue: Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi

TV Listing: Star Sports 4, Star Sports 2 HD

Online streaming:, Hotstar

PREVIEW: After a huge build-up to Vijender's first home bout as a professional, the regional title fight is expected to be a sell out event.

The fight night will have six undercard bouts, including two Indians in Kuldeep Dhanda and Sunil Siwach. Both the Indians will take on Thai opponents.

Besides, five-time world champion Mary Kom will have her two of her pupils participating in a three round contest.

On a 6-0 unbeaten run since his debut on the professional circuit, Vijender would be up against his toughest rival yet when he takes on Australian Hope.

Welsh-born Hope, who is a former European middleweight champion and the reigning WBC Asian Boxing Council middleweight champion.

But while the 30-year old Vijender has enjoyed knock-out victories in each of his fights so far, Hope has an impressive 23-7 record in pro bouts with 183 rounds in terms of experience at the top level.

Welcome to our live coverage of WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title fight between undefeated Indian boxer Vijender Singh and experienced Aussie Kerry Hope.

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