WBC boss stuns convention with short-lived resignation

Mexico: Long-time World Boxing Council (WBC) president Jose Sulaiman’s unexpected resignation on Wednesday over Vitali Klitschko’s fight schedule was later overturned by the organisation’s board of governors.

Sulaiman, president for nearly 35 years, stunned the WBC’s annual convention when he resigned after making a plea that WBC heavyweight champion Klitschko should be allowed a voluntary defense in March before his mandatory defense in June.

But American boxing promoter Don King said the winner of a December bout between the top two contenders should get to fight Klitschko without him having a bout beforehand.

According to Sulaiman, the sanction fees generated from an extra bout would be helpful in going towards a financial burden from the lingering fallout of a legal dispute.

The WBC’s board of governors unanimously voted not to accept Sulaiman’s resignation. Sulaiman, who later apologized for his outburst, told Reuters his paramount objective is financially saving the WBC.

Bureau Report