We will match Melbourne Games: Kalmadi

New Delhi: Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi today promised that the CWG here will be as successful as the Melbourne edition despite the spate of corruption allegations that rocked its build-up.

"We are trying to emulate what Melbourne had done in 2006 because I feel Melbourne Commonwealth Games and (2000) Sydney Olympics are the best multi-sports event I have ever seen," Kalmadi said while addressing foreign journalists at the Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia.

"We are following the Melbourne model. I won`t say we will exceed Melbourne but we will try to match Melbourne," he said.

Citing the example of this year`s FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Kalmadi said criticism was part and parcel of every mega sporting event but at the end of the day what matters is successful conduct of the Games.

"The same criticisms happening here happened in South Africa also before the World Cup but they silenced everybody with the successful hosting of the tournament.”

"I assure you with this Games, Delhi will be emerging as the next big sporting hub in the world," the OC chief said.

He also said that OC has nothing to do with the delays in the construction of the stadiums but assured that everything is now in order for the conduct of a successful Games.

"The OC has nothing to do with the construction of venues except for monitoring them. My responsibility is the Rs 1,600 crore given to me to organise the Games, out responsibility is the 34 functional areas," Kalmadi said.

"A month to go for the Games, which is enough time. We are on track. Leaving aside some minor glitches, all the infrastructure are in place and they are world class," he said.

Kalmadi said every decision related to the Games was taken collectively by the organisers.

"The OC is run by the executive board which has 15-members in it, including that from central government as well as state governments. So, no decision is taken at a personal level, all decisions are unanimous," he said.

Asked about the importance of Commonwealth Games to common people of India, he said, "The main purpose behind hosting Commonwealth Games is to build up Olympic sports in the country. So it is priceless.

"For 28 years there were no Games in India, so it (Commonwealth Games) was very much required."

Kalmadi also assured of foolproof security measures during the Games and foreign athletes should not be wary of their safety.

"Security was an issue ever since we bid for the Games. So it is our topmost priority," he said.