What autonomy is the IOA talking about, asks Pargat

New Delhi: Taking a dig at the IOA for
opposing a Sports Ministry regulation limiting tenures of its
office-bearers, Olympian Pargat Singh today said sports would
be better served if the body focussed on resolving issues like
the impending Hockey India elections.

"This fight is against the system and we will continue
with our fight. They are asking for autonomy, what kind of
autonomy are they talking about? Look at the dare, they are
defying the sports ministry`s order citing International
Olympic Committee`s charter," he said.

Pargat also fired a fresh salvo at Hockey India, accusing
them of indulging in unfair practices and appointing people of
their own choice in the respective state hockey associations.

Citing the example of Maharashtra Olympics Association
and the affiliated Hockey Maharashtra, Pargat alleged that the
person who had been accused of misleading MOA with false
documents was reinstated as HMs secretary by HI secretary
General Narendra Batra.

Providing documentary evidences to support his claims,
the legendary player said, "On December 1, 2009, then HI
president A K Mattoo had written a letter to Hockey
Maharashtra informing that Victor Ellis and Ikram Khan have
been appointed as the President and Secretary General of
Hockey Maharashtra."

"On December 30, 2009, Maharashtra Olympics Association
wrote that a letter of resolution was adopted by members of
Bombay Hockey Association (BHA) regarding the merger of BHA
in Maharashtra Hockey Association (MHA), which said MOA was
pleased to affiliate the MHA as the state body of Maharashtra
with Victor Ellis as its President and Ikram Khan as its

"That was written by Balasaheb Langde, Secretary, MOA, of
which the copies were also sent to Suresh Kalmadi, President,
IOA," Pargat said.

Pargat said on January 18, 2010, the MOA had written a
letter to the Hockey India that Kehar Singh of Bombay Hockey
Association has misled the MOA with false documents and got
the affiliation transferred to Maharashtra Hockey Association.

"The letter said on hearing from other office bearers of
MOA and the facts that came to our notice and two complaints
against affiliation. Therefore, MOA cancels the affiliation
accorded to the Maharashtra Hockey Association. Please do not
allow any representatives to represent Maharashtra Hockey
Association till our further correspondence," he said. More
Pargat said the twist in the tale came when Hockey India
Secretary General Narendra Batra, in a letter dated April 20,
2010 to Maharashtra Olympics Association, informed that Kehar
Singh of the Bombay Hockey Association has been appointed
Secretary of Hockey Maharashtra and Rekha Bhide as its

The letter said, "we further invite your attention to the
order dated January 28, 2010 passed by the Bombay High Court
in compliance with the said order that upon hearing each
member of the association, we have decided to name following
members to represent state of Maharashtra -- Rekha Bhide as
president, Kehar Singh as secretary and B C Bhartia as

"I failed to understand the logic behind this decision.
First you lash out at someone, accuse him of wrongdoings and
then you appoint the same person on the top post. That is
really out of my mind," Pargat said.

"Mr Mattoo makes one decision and then Mr Batra makes
another decision. HI and IOA are appointing people of their
choices at will. They failed to explain what was the reason
behind appointing Kehar Singh, whom they had accused earlier.

"This is not the case with the Maharashtra alone. It`s
with the Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.
Government and sports ministry is silent on all this foul
play," he added.

He also renewed his demand to hold transparent Hockey
India election at the earliest. Pargat said even three months
after the Hockey World Cup here, no efforts have been made by
the ad-hoc committee to initiate the process of holding
democratic elections.

"HI is not interested in holding the elections before the
May 31 deadline given by the FIH. This matter is going out of
hands day by day. No body is moving an inch closer to have the
elections. What is the ad-hoc committee doing, nobody knows.
These people at the helm of affairs have made a mockery of the
game," he said.

"In Punjab, we are running from pillar to post to get
affiliation. Nobody is concerned about holding elections, not
even the FIH now. They are happy with minting money through
events in India.



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