Woman sets world record, slowest to swim English Channel

London: A woman shattered a nearly 90-year world record for swimming across the English Channel - by being the slowest person ever.

Jackie Cobell took 28 hours and 44 minutes to cross the channel. She was forced off course and she ended up swimming 64 miles, which is nearly three times more than the 21-mile direct route from Dover to Calais.

In 1923, Henry Sullivan set the slow record of 26 hours and 50 minutes.

"I had no idea of the time. I kept seeing the beach and thinking I was nearly there, then the tide would sweep me along the coast. My arms were packing up, one of my muscles in my arms ripped, but I was determined to make it," a newspaper quoted Cobell as saying.

Cobell, from Tonbridge, Kent, said: "I thought I would do the channel in about 18 hours. When I reached the shore, my body was black and blue from the waves pounding me."


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