Women`s sports centre opened in Saudi Arabia for first time

Manama: The first dedicated sports centre for women has been formally opened in Saudi Arabia, in a move which heralds more steps for women`s empowerment in the country.

The centre in the Eastern Province city of Khobar offers training programmes that include physical fitness, karate, yoga and weight loss as well as special activities for children.

Owner of the sports centre Hana Al Zuhair said that the licence to allow women to practice sports is a start for women`s investments in sports, adding that women can now look forward to having partnerships with local and international trainers.

Stating that some of the Saudi trainers hired by the club have been trained abroad, Al Zuhair further said that the centre did not have any problem getting the licence .

Al Zuhair added that she is confident that the centre will have a strong impact on the lives of Saudi women who engage in physical activities without a carefully planned programme or in the presence of experts.The report further said that the centre is also set to work with girls` schools after they have been allowed to have physical education classes by the authorities.

Hailing the opening of the sports centre, head of Women`s Workshops in the Eastern Province Shuaa Al Duhailan said that such centres will re-energise women and enhance their work performances.