World Ch`ship format is `very boring` to me: Taufik

Paris: Moments after reaching the final of
the World Championship, ace Indonesian shuttler Taufik Hidayat
said that the tournament`s format has become "very boring" and
the Badminton World Federation should try to bring about some

Former Olympics gold medallist Taufik, who entered his
second World Championship final yesterday, said that the Asian
Games was a more important title to him.

"Yes, I do feel that way. What I meant was that the Asian
Games is held every four years so if you don`t win it when it
is held then you will have to wait for another four years. But
it`s not the same in the World Cup.”

"Now they hold the World Cup every year so it`s like any
Super Series. It`s boring. To me its very boring," Taufik

Taufik wished that the BWF would take another look at the
format and ensure that the quality doesn`t go down.

"I think the players will always attend the World Cup.
But for the fans and also for most players, the Olympics and
Asian Games will become more important. Nobody will look
forward to the World Cup with anticipation," he said.

In the World Championship final Taufik will play China`s
Chen Ji later today.

He had last won the World Championships in 2005 after
clinching the Olympic gold in 2004 at Athens.