World Chess Championship, Game 7: Anand vs Carlsen - As it happened...

Updated: Nov 18, 2013, 17:10 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau

Chennai: Game seven of the World Chess Championship between defending champion Viswanathan Anand and challenger Magnus Carlsen ended in a draw. After 32 moves both the players decided to end the game.

Out of the seven games, Carlsen has won two and Anand is still waiting for his first win.

Now the pressure is on Anand to make a comeback to defend his title.

Magnus Carlsen registered his consecutive win against Viswanathan Anand in Game 5 and 6 of World Chess Championship to take a 4-2 lead in the tournament.

Here are the live moves from Game 7.

MOVE 25: Anand: fxe5 II Carlsen: Qxe5

MOVE 24: Anand: Rxh8 II Carlsen: Qxh8

MOVE 23: Anand: f4 II Carlsen: Rh8

MOVE 22: Anand: Rxh7 II Carlsen: Qf6

MOVE 21: Anand: Rdh1 II Carlsen: Rxh7

MOVE 20: Anand: Rh7 II Carlsen: Rh8

MOVE 19: Anand: g3 II Carlsen: a5

MOVE 18: Anand: hxg6 II Carlsen: hxg6

MOVE 17: Anand: Qxe3 II Carlsen: Nc5

MOVE 16: Anand: h5 II Carlsen: Bxe3

MOVE 15: Anand: h4 II Carlsen: Kb7

MOVE 14: Anand: Kb1 II Carlsen: b6

MOVE 13: Anand: Ne2 II Carlsen: Rhe8

MOVE 12: Anand: O-O-O II Carlsen: O-O-O

MOVE 11: Anand: Be3 II Carlsen: Qe7

MOVE 10: Anand: Qxf3 II Carlsen: g6

MOVE 9: Anand: Ng3 II Carlsen: Bxf3

MOVE 8: Anand: Nf1 II Carlsen: Nd7

MOVE 7: Anand: h3 II Carlsen: Bh5

MOVE 6: Anand: Nbd2 II Carlsen: Bg4

MOVE 5: Anand: Bxc6 II Carlsen: dxc6

MOVE 4: Anand: d3 II Carlsen: Bc5

MOVE 3: Anand: Bb5 II Carlsen: Nf6

MOVE 2: Anand: Nf3 II Carlsen: Nc6

MOVE 1: Anand: e4 II Carlsen: e5