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WWE Monday Night RAW: September 5, 2016 - Results and highlights

Monday night RAW is officially known as the " The Kevin Owens Show".

WWE Monday Night RAW: September 5, 2016 - Results and highlights
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New Delhi: The conclusion to last week's RAW epidosde left everyone surprised. So, this week was a must-watch show for wrestling fans around the world and it was live from Sprint Center in Kansas, Missouri.

Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens was the main highlight of the show, along with GM Mick Foley's announcement for next week's RAW.

1- Kevin Owen's WWE Universal Championship Celebration

The show went on air with both Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley present in the ring. The Kevin Owens started his celebration, saying "Thank You" to WWE Universe for the reception that he got. Even Steph said to Owens that he deserved the title.

Later on KO said that last week when RAW went off the air fans were chanting "You deserve it". He said they were right but Owens didn't want the the crowd full of idiots who are trying to hijack his moment and today was his moment as last week was his moment too. He knew that he deserved it from the moment he stepped into this ring.

Monday night RAW is officially known as the " The Kevin Owens Show".

This is the point when Rollins' music hits the arena and he comes in the ring. He starts to show his discontent for the last week's Fatal Four Way match, blames Stephanie for his loss and interference caused by her husband Triple H. Seth says that she knew The Game was going to interfare. Steph denied her involvement, Owens starts to say that the Architect has being designing the blueprints of his failure since his little injury return.

That's when Seth put his hands on KO and throws him out of the ring. Stephanie 'indefinetly suspends' Rollins but Folly says 'no he is not', instead he offers the rematch to Rollins at Clash of Champions between Rollins and Owens for WWE Universal Championship.

The fued between Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley about last week's RAW controversial end.

2- Charlotte vs Bayley

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte took on Bayley in a match that was worthy of a Pay Per View, but never the less WWE fans were not disappointed with the outcome of it.

This was not a very long lasting match but still had its moments. Started with Bayley dominating but not for long as Women's Champion regaining the momentum in her favour and keeping Bayley doen with targetting her injured leg.

But Bayley hit Belly-to-Belly and pinned Charlotte. After the match there was a fued between Dana and Cahrlotte. Now this may be the beginning of the end for Charlotte and Dana Brookes relationship.

3- Bo Dallas vs Kyle Roberts

This match was the return for the inspirational BO-LIVE to Monday Night RAW. He was out for quite some time, but boy he camr back with a differnt version of what we have seen him in the past.

He took on a local grappler Kyle Roberts and put all his agression on him, with vicioius right knees adn finaaly ending with a new finisher a modified version of the Queen's Crossbow to pick up the win.

4- Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

This was a match for angry Seth Rollins after last week's RAW, he took out his aggression on Y2J (Jericho). With the match that had every thing in store for the fans was quite good as fans were chanting "This Is Awesome" after Rollins connected with an enziguri and a superkick and went for a pinfall, but Y2J showed resilience to kick out.

Chris hits Rollins with Lionsault for yet another near fall, but Rollins reversed it into a pedigree to pick up the win.

This was truely a good match between one of the all time great Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins.

5- Cesaro vs Sheamus

This was a 7 match series set by the General Manager of RAW between Cesaro and Sheamus. Sheamus already had a 2-0 lead in the series and today was the 3rd match of it.

The match started with Cesaro trying to quickly roll Sheamus and pick up a win , but there was a kick out at 2. Swiss Superman then unleashed a series of qiuck moves on Sheamus but the bad back of Cesaro proved to be the game changer for him.

The Celtic Warrior targetted the back, hits 4 Irish curse backbreakers, then finally hits the Brogue kick to end the proceedings for Swiss Superman, audience though were not happy as they wanted Cesaro to win. Sheamus is up by 3-0, lead the Best Of Seven Series.

6- Enzo And Cass vs The Shining Stars

One of the most entertaining Tag-team of Monday Night RAW Enzo and Big Cass took on The Shining Stars (Priomo and Epico).

The match was in the favour of "How You Doing" team before Primo took advantage provided by Epico (Distracting the official), Epico he hits the Tripleta (triple german suplex) on Enzo and then mimicked his walk. He somehow tagged Big Cass in but in the end, the shining stars pick up the win by roolling over Enzo.

Big win for them, this looks like the match going into Clash of Champions.

7- Nia Jax vs Ann Esposito

Nia Jax is dominating WWE since her debut and she has not being defeated by anyone till now. But this time she faces Alicia Fox’s friend Ann Esposito, this match had just some thing differnt from other Nia's matches till now, she was hit by a series of hits on Jax that's it.

That was it for Esposito as Jax covered and got the three count to continue her winning streak.

8-The Club shwing what will New Day become after Clash of Champions

Luke Gallows and Karl Andersonsaid that they're retirement specialists and after retiring the Dudley Boyz, they’ve set their sights on The New Day at Clash of Champions.

They introduced us to 'The Old Day'. Three people came out of the backstage looking like Old Day.

Finally, The New Day came out and chased The Club out of the ring. Then they took one of the Old Days member and gave out their finishing move adn showed The Club that this will happen at Clash of Champions.

10- Darren Young vs Jinder Mahal

Darren Young accompanied with Bob Buckland took on another superstar who recently came back in WWE was Jinder Mahal.

Titus O’Neil was doing commentary for the match. He said Darren Young was never great, only I am great and will continue to be great in the coming future. He didn't do commentry for long as he left the mic and walked towards the ring to distract Young.

Darren hit Gutcheck on Mahal to pick up the win, just after the win he assaulted Titus outside the ring with his vicious blows to Neil.

11- Braun Strowman vs Sin Cara

Finally Strowman took a WWE superstar Sin Cara. The match didn't look like would last long as Strowman has shown his dominance in the past weeks over other wrestlers.

But Sin Cara being a Wwe wrestler showed resilience and took the fight. The match was over with a count out as Sin Cara failed to make it to the ring within 10 count.

12- Sasha Banks returned and made a statement

Sasha Banks former WWE Women’s Champion started taking to WWE Universe on focusing of the revolution in women’s wrestling.

She said that she has an update regarding her injury which was caused by Charlotte at Sumerslam as she tried to break the back of Sasha, jsut when we thought she would announce her retirement,.

Dana Brooke interrupted the Boss and said she wanted to prove to Charlotte that she is worthy and will use the broken body of bank's as her advantage.

The bad news for Dana was that Sasha locked in the Bank Statement and made her tap out. The bad news was for Charlotte that at Clash of Champions The Boss will take back what was her Women’s Championship.

13- Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

From being best frineds to arch-rivals these two have come very far together. Both of them have displayed their talent in the ring with one on one matches with each other, but this time Owens is the WWE Universal Champion.

The match was a treat for WWE Universe as both of them showed great character during the match.

Sami landed badly on his injured knee which opened a contest for KO. He counter Zayn’s Helluva Kick attempt and kicked him a super-kick and them gave him a power bomb to pick up the win.


After the match ended Roman Reign's music hits the arena, he came out followed with the boos of WWE Universe. Reign's want to confront Owens after the last weeks performance. Then came out Chris Jericho the best friend of KO to save him.

Then came in the GM of Monday Night RAW Mick Folley. He said that next week Reigns get a chance to fight with Kevin if he win the match the Clash of Champions will be a triple threat match.

Roman ended the show with a Spear to Jericho after he tried to ambush him.

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