WWE RAW: September 12, 2016 - Results and highlights

Live from Royal Farms Arena - Baltimore, MD.

WWE RAW: September 12, 2016 - Results and highlights
Courtesy: YouTube (Screengrab)

New Delhi: Last week on RAW, the main event for yesterday was already decided. (SmackDown Live: September 13, 2016 - Results and video highlights)

Roman Reigns was up against Kevin Owens. Now that Owens defeated Reigns, he is all set to face Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship.

Since Reigns is out of contention, the fans have been deprived of a triple threat match.

Over the years RAW has always started with a bang. With this week being no different. Live from Royal Farms Arena - Baltimore, MD and there were quite a few things to look forward to.

1- Mick Foley addresses the Women's division

Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Dana Brooke kicked off the in-ring proceedings in a match to get a shot at Charlotte’s WWE Women’s Championship at the upcoming RAW Pay-per-view.

Mick Foley announced a Triple Threat Match next to determine who will face Charlotte at Clash of Champions.

2- Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Sasha Banks defeated Bayley and Dana Brooke.

Now the match at Clash of Champions will be between Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship.

3- Bo Dallas vs Brandon Scott

This match lasted for 2 minutes with heavy inspiration in the arena as it was BO-LIVE time.

Bo Dallas defeated Brandon Scott

4- Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel with special guest Sami Zayn

In this segment, Jericho talked about the past relations between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. But Sami cut it short by saying he doesn't care about KO. Zyan called Jericho Owens 'Bit**', after the humiliation Y2J hit Sami with the codebraker.

The match was made official for Clash of Champions later on in the night.

5- Sheamus vs Cesaro (Match number 5 in the Best of 7 Series)

Cesaro had a bad back going into this match. He was trailing with 1-3 in a seven match series. The swiss superman needs to win this to stay alive in the competition.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus

Cesaro picked up his second win in the series making it 3-2.

6- Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox

The match started with Alicia trying to outfox Nia Jax. But quickly the momentum shifted in Nia Jax's favour and she delivered spear to Fox thorugh the barricade. 

7- Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson)

This despute between the New Day and The Club has been going on for a while now. The New Day are WWE Tag Team champions for 386 days.

The Club connected with the Magic Killer to pick up the win and send a strong statement before their match against The New Day for the Tag team titles at Clash Of Champions.

The Club defeated Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

The New Day accused The Club for wasting the 5 minutes 37 seconds of WWE Universe. This happened just before the match.

8- Jinder Mahal vs Jack Swagger

Jinder Mahal came out to addressed the WWE Universe.

Swagger went for the Swagger bomb before Jinder countered it with the pull-in Neckbreaker to cover 1,2,3.

Jinder Mahal defeated Jack Swagger

9- Enzo Amore vs Epico

​​With the help of Primo, Epico picks up the win agianst Enzo Amore.

Epico defeated Enzo Amore

10- Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

The match started with Owens taking control of the proceedings and pushing Roman into the steel steps. Then Seth Rollins came out and interfered in the match because of which Refree had to call for the bell and adjudge KO as the winner via disqualification.

The genreal manager of RAW Mick Folley came out and asked the official to restart the match again, much to the dismay of Owens.

Roman sets up for the spear before Rusev returned to distract him, Reigns hit him with the Superman-punch but Owens captitalized on the situation to hit pop-up powerbomb for the 3 count and the win. What a match!

Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns

After the match Rusev hit Roman with a super-kick before locking a powerless Reigns in 'The Accolade'.

This may be the setup for the Clash of Champions (Rusev vs Roman Reigns for the US Championship).