PCB presents a surplus budget after two years

Last Updated: Jul 07, 2010, 20:48 PM IST

Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board has broken a spell of deficit budgets by announcing a surplus budget for the current fiscal year.

The budget, approved today at a meeting of the General Council in Lahore, envisages projected revenues of 2.6 billion rupees and expenditures of 2.3 billion rupees.

"One (reason) is the International Cricket Council has finally released our share of funds from the organisation of ICC events after we submitted them audited reports of previous budgets and secondly we are curtailing expenses and reducing manpower in the Board," PCB Chairman Izaj Butt said.

He said the Board still had surplus staff of around 70 to 75 percent but he had already implemented a downsizing policy with the approval of the government.

"In the past the same work being done by a hundred people was being done by around 1200 persons. We have reduced the strength to around 600 now," he added.

PCB chief said once international cricket resume in Pakistan or bilateral cricket resume with India, the financial health of the Board would further improve a lot.

For the last two fiscal years the board has been announcing deficit budgets.

Butt said that the projected expenditures included expense of organising home series abroad, salaries and fees to players, development of grounds and stadiums and administrative expenses which would leave the board with a surplus of 0.3 billion rupees.

The governing council meeting was not attended by Director-General of cricket Javed Miandad and a key member of the council Wazir Ali Khoja.

Butt said while he did not know the reasons for Miandad missing the meeting, Khoja had already informed them about his absence due to commitments as Chairman of the National Investment Trust.

Asked was it true that Miandad was not happy with him, Butt responded that many people were not happy with his style of working.

"You (media) people also have complaints with me, so what can I do," he said.

Butt said he was satisfied that the work given to Miandad had been fulfilled properly by him.

"He (Miandad) does good work of his expertise which is coaching," he added.

Butt also claimed he had no dispute with Chief Operating Officer Wasim Bari and all reports that he had stripped him of his powers were not correct.

"Bari is doing for what he was originally appointed to do. I sent Zakir Khan to the ICC meetings instead of Bari because there were some tour programs to be finalised and Zakir looks after the international cricket operations," he added.