Ponting slams policy of showing replays on big screen

Melbourne: Australian captain Ricky Ponting criticised the policy of showing replays on the big screen before a decision is made, and admitted that the Hot-Spot heat-camera vision had prompted his anger towards umpires Aleem Dar and Tony Hill on the second day of the fourth Ashes Test.

"I guess one flaw we`ve got in the system in the moment is that all the replays are being shown on the big screen. From what we could see on the big screen you could see a pretty obvious Hot-Spot mark on the inside-edge of his bat. What I wanted to do was clarify how the third umpire had got to making the decision that he made, and that`s what started the discussion with Aleem and I," Ponting was quoted as saying.

Ponting was fined AUD 5,400, for arguing with the umpires early in the second session, after England batsman Kevin Pietersen was not given out following a referral.

Ponting, however, insisted that the video umpire was wrong not to award Australia the wicket of Pietersen at the Melbourne Cricket Ground here Monday.

"I had a chance to look at it again last night. I still, in my heart and in my mind, believe that he inside-edged that ball. I think if you look at the replay properly, in the way that it needs to be looked at, I think everyone will understand that Hot-Spot mark wasn`t a long way away from where the ball passed the bat ... but that`s irrelevant now. The decision was made and I`ve got to get on with it now," he said.


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