IPL 6: RCB vs Mumbai Indians - As it happened...

IPL 6: RCB vs Mumbai Indians - As it happened...Zeenews Sports Bureau

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It was yet another scintillating performance from Chris Gayle who looks unstoppable in the Indian Premier League. It was his innings that saved RCB as he scored 92 from just 58 balls and carried his bat through the innings. Ponting and Tendulkar got Mumbai off to a good start as they added 52 runs for the first wicket. At one stage, the required run-rate began bothering the Mumbai dugout and it was then that Dinesh Karthik rose to the occasion and slammed three consecutive sixes off Christian’s final over that produced 24 runs. But a brilliant last over by Vinay Kumar helped his side kick off their campaign in style.


MI innings:

Over 20 || Score

Praveen Kumar will bowl the final over. Rayudu makes no contact off the first ball and they run for a bye as Arun Kartik’s throw misses the stumps. Nine needed from five. Kartik on strike. Praveen Kumar fires a short ball, Kartik hits it high in the air, didn’t go the distance as Mayank Agarwal at deep midwicket takes a good catch under pressure. Nine needed from four, Rayudu at strike and a good knock from Karthik comes to an end. Kieron Pollard has come to the crease. And guess what? Ambati Rayudu is bowled and Kumar is on a hat-trick! Harbhajan is the new batsman in and nine runs needed off three balls. No hat-trick for Kumar as Bhajji works the ball towards midwicket for a single. And Kumar bowls a low full-toss and Pollard goes straight down the ground for a boundary! The umpires checked whether that was a six or not and third umpire thinks it was a boundary. Four needed from one ball. Praveen Kumar bowls an excellent Yorker and Pollard manages a single at long on! Another last ball thriller! The first of IPL 6! The home crowd loves it as they have got entertainment worth their money.

AT Rayudu b Vinay Kumar 18 (18b)

KD Karthik c Agarwal b Vinay Kumar 60 (37b)


Over 19 || Score 147/3

Unadkat to bowl the penultimate over. And he misses a clear run-out chance, Rayudu would have been back to the pavilion had his throw hit the stumps. Seven runs from the over. Ten needed off the last over.


Over 18 || Score 140/3

Muralitharan to bowl his final over. And Kartik shows no respect to the veteran, plays a slog sweep over deep midwicket for a Six! Four runs came off the next five balls. Ten runs from the over. 17 needed from last 12 balls.


Over 17 || Score 130/3

Daniel Christian into his final over. Kartik played a terrific shot next ball as he pulled a short ball over fine leg for a Six! And Kartik plays an even better shot next ball as he confidently smashes a short of length ball over long on for a Six! And again! Make that three consecutive sixes for Dinesh Kartik! It was a short ball and Kartik slashed hard at it, got a top edge that flew over the keeper for a Six! Christian who was under pressure after those sixes bowled a full-toss and Kartik comfortable played that towards deep square leg for a boundary! Kartik takes a single off the last ball that brings his fifty off 31 balls. Very well played! What an over this was for Mumbai Indians. Christian has spoilt the hard work of the other bowlers. Twenty four runs from the over.


Over 16 || Score 106/3

Kartik to bowl his final over. Rayudu charged down the wicket off the first ball and was lucky as the ball got a bottom edge and went past the keeper for a boundary! 100 up for Mumbai Indians with that stroke. Ten runs from the over.


Over 15 || Score 96/3

Daniel Christian into his third over. The run rate is increasing and neither Rayudu nor Karthik are showing the intent to go for big hits. Rayudu tried one off the last ball but managed just a single at midwicket. Five runs from the over. 61 needed from 30.


Over 14 || Score 91/3

Vinay Kumar into his third over. Rohit Sharma played a pull shot towards midwicket for a couple. Vinay Kumar had the last laugh as he clean bowled Sharma who mistimed a shot as the ball hit his off-stump. Ambati Rayudu is the new batsman. Six runs from the over.

RG Sharma b Vinay Kumar 11 (11b)


Over 13 || Score 85/2

Jaydev Unadkat to bowl his third over. Sharma played a cut shot that went past the fielder at point for a boundary off the third ball. Karthik on the other hand bisected the gap between point and cover for the second boundary of the over. Eleven runs from the over.


Over 12 || Score 74/2

Kartik to bowl his third over. And runs have dried up for a while as spinners are sticking to their line and length. Five runs from the over.


Over 11 || Score 69/2

Murali to bowl his third over. Karthik reverse-swept the first ball for a boundary at third-man. Good comeback from Karthik as he gives away just three more runs off the next five balls. Seven runs from the over.


Over 10 || Score 62/2

Kartik to bowl his second over. And he dismisses the Mumbai skipper. Ponting was playing for turn on that occasion but the ball went straight after pitching. Rohit Sharma is the new batsman. Mumbai lose their second wicket. Four runs and a good over from Kartik.

RT Ponting st Arun Karthik b Kartik 28 (33b)


Over 9 || Score 58/0

Murali to bowl his second over. Four singles from the over.


Over 8 || Score 54/1

Murali Kartik is brought into the attack. And RCB get their first breakthrough as Tendulkar is run-out! Sachin worked the ball towards short fine leg and ran for a single, there was no run there and he is back to the pavilion. Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman. Five runs from the over.

SR Tendulkar run out 23 (19b)


Over 7 || Score 49/0

Vinay Kumar to bowl his second over. Tendulkar and Ponting both scored a boundary in that over. Eleven runs from the over.


Over 6 || Score 38/0

Murali is brought into the attack. Ponting swept off the second ball and collected a couple. Tendulkar hits his first convincing boundary as he goes over the bowler’s head for a boundary! And Tendulkar follows it with another boundary, this time towards long off for a boundary! Eleven runs from the over.


Over 5 || Score 27/0

Vinay Kumar introduced into the attack. Four runs from the over.


Over 4 || Score 23/0

Christian to continue. Ponting scored a couple off the first ball. Punter then charged down the wicket and found the gap on the leg side for another couple. A dot ball. Punter once again shimmied down the track and smashed that over wide of long on for a Six! Twelve runs from the over.


Over 3 || Score 11/0

Unadkat to continue. And the left-arm pacer is clearly troubling these two batsmen. They were dealing in singles before Tendulkar guided a short ball for a boundary at fine leg. Seven runs from the over.


Over 2 || Score 4/0

Daniel Christian to bowl the second over. Two runs from the over. No boundaries yet, these two aren’t looking for any big strokes at the moment.


Over 1 || Score 2/0

So two legends Ponting and Tendulkar will open for Mumbai and Jaidev Unadkat has the rock in his hand. Ponting gets off the mark with a quick single off the third ball which brings Tendulkar to the strike. Tendulkar also gets off the mark with a single. Two runs from the first over.


Over 20 || Score 156/6

Munaf to bowl the final over. Gayle misses an easy chance off the first ball. It was a wayward delivery and Gayle played that towards covers for no run. Munaf next ball was a half volley and Gayle flicked that towards deep midwicket for a boundary. Gayle takes a single. Karthik follows it with another single. Munaf offers some room outside the off-stump, Gayle goes hard at it, the ball goes to third man for a one-bounce boundary. Can he finish off things in style? Yes he does, hits the last ball for a Six! Another terrific innings from Gayle comes to an end. The Jamaican scored 92 runs and 58 more were scored by seven more batsmen.

Chris Gayle 92* (58b), Arun Karthik 20* (19b)


Over 19 || Score 140/5

Oram to bowl the penultimate over. Karthik scored a boundary off the second ball as he bisected the gap between long on and deep midwicket. Eight runs from the over.


Over 18 || Score 132/5

Munaf Patel to bowl his third over. Gayle scored a one-handed boundary towards deep backward point off the second ball. Gayle played a better shot off the fifth ball with conviction at deep backward point. Munaf tries a short ball and Gayle was ready for that and he smacks that over long on for a Six! Excellent over for RCB, seventeen runs from the over.


Over 17 || Score 115/5

Oram to bow his third over. Arun Karthik smashes the first ball to deep midwicket for a boundary! The second ball went for four byes to fine leg. Nine runs from the over.


Over 16 || Score 106/5

Harbhajan to continue. Gayle went over covers for a six off second ball of the over. It was a good comeback by Bhajji as he followed the six with four dot balls. Time for a strategic time out

Chris Gayle 61* (47b)


Over 15 || Score 100/5

Johnson is brought back into the attack. RCB wicket-keeper Arun Karthik played an upper cut for a boundary that also brought RCB’s century. Gayle is still there at the crease and it is difficult to predict a score when he is there. Seven runs from the over.


Over 14 || Score 93/5

Bhaji to continue. Gayle scored two boundaries in that over. Eleven runs from the over.


Over 13 || Score 82/5

Bumrah to bowl his final over. And Gayle clobbers him for a boundary first ball! And Bumrah picks his third wicket as KK Nair is lbw. Eight runs from the over.

KK Nair lbw b Bumrah 0 (3b)


Over 12 || Score 75/4

Bhajji to continue. And he dismisses Christian who hit a shot straight to the fielder at deep midwicket. Just one run from the over.

DT Christian c Johnson b Harbhajan Singh 4 (13b)


Over 11 || Score 74/3

Kieron Pollard comes into the attack. There is some drama off the first ball as Gayle doesn’t offer a shot as the ball hits his pads, Pollard appeals and it wasn’t out. Gayle gets a top edge off the next ball which goes to deep backward point for a boundary. And then Gayle smashes the next ball, huge and high over long on for Six! Pollard follows it with a short ball and Gayle pulls that for another boundary! Gayle follows it with a single. Fifteen runs from the over.


Over 10 || Score 59/3

Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack. Good over, three runs from it. And Gayle seems to be in some sort of trouble as there is a collision between Harbhajan and Gayle. Christian played the ball to Harbhajan’s right who tried to stop it and collided with Gayle while doing so.


Over 9 || Score 56/3

Bumrah into his third over. And he flicks one towards deep midwicket for a boundary! And the next ball is a half volley, Gayle launches that straight down the ground for a Six! Twelve runs from the over and Gayle of the old seems to be back! Fifty up for RCB as well.


Over 8 || Score 44/3

Oram to bowl his second over. Gayle cleverly guided the last ball towards fine leg for a boundary! Eight runs from the over.


Over 7 || Score 36/3

Bumrah to continue. And he strikes again, gets Mayank out first ball! What a disastrous start he had and what a comeback it has been from the 19-year-old. It was a decent over unless Harbhajan at fine leg misfielded off a bye that produced extra three runs.

MA Agarwal c Tendulkar b Bumrah 1 (5b)


Over 6 || Score 31/2

Jacob Oram is brought into the attack. Good over. Three runs from it. And Chris Gayle has played just 10 balls so far.


Over 5 || Score 28/2

Over 5 || Score 28/2

Jasprit Bumrah to make his debut. And Virat Kohli welcomes him with consecutive boundaries! Kohli is targeting the youngster as he dispatches his fourth ball for a boundary as well. Excellent over for RCB, 12 runs came off the first four balls. And there was some interruption in between as Bumrah’s foot landed awkwardly at some point. And as soon as the play resumed, Bumrah dismissed Kohli lbw. Mayank Agarwal is the new batsman at the crease. Twelve runs from the over with a big wicket of Virat Kohli.

V Kohli lbw b Bumrah 24 (14b)


Over 4 || Score 16/1

Munaf to continue. And Kohli clobbered him for a massive Six over long on! Kohli charged down the wicket on that occasion and went for the maximum! Seven runs from the over.


Over 3 || Score 9/1

Johnson to continue. And Dilshan is bowled! The Sri Lankan was clearly struggling against Johnson who is bowling with an excellent line and length. Kohli is the new batsman and he gets off the mark with a boundary with a wristy stroke. Seven runs from the over.

TM Dilshan b Johnson 0 (8b)


Over 2 || Score 2/0

Munaf Patel to bowl the second over. And he too impresses with his line and length. Good start by the Mumbai pacers. Dilshan and Gayle have been quiet so far. One from the over.


Over 1 || Score 1/0

Dilshan and Gayle to open for RCB, Johnson will bowl the first over. Superb over from the Australian. Just a single from it and he bowled some terrific deliveries there.


TOSS: Virat spins it, Ricky wins it and decides to bowl first.

Overseas players for MI: Ricky Ponting, Kieron Pollard, Mitchell Johnson and Jacob Oram.

Overseas players for RCB: Chris Gayle, Dilshan, Muralitharan and Daniel Christian.

The contest is between two of the most dynamic teams of the Indian Premier League. The star-studded Mumbai Indians will take on the formidable Royal Challengers Bangalore in the second match of the Indian Premier League 2013.

Mumbai Indians will be led by their new skipper Australian legend Ricky Ponting who was handed over the captaincy by Sachin Tendulkar. The cricket fans are desperately waiting to watch Ponting and Tendulkar bat together. Mumbai Indians would miss the services of Lasith Malinga who dictated terms last year.

RCB on the other hand would be led by Virat Kohli who has proved himself at the international stage over the last one and a half year. RCB have been criticized for being over dependent on Chris Gayle who is a force to reckon with in the Indian Premier League. They have been short of quality bowlers and they would want to change it this year.

Players to watch out for:

Chris Gayle: The Jamaican had smashed 59 sixes in the fifth edition accumulating over 700 runs. Once he gets going, it is very difficult to contain the run flow and the bowlers can only expect him to make a mistake. Even though he bowled less in the 2012 edition, apart from those monstrous sixes, Gayle can be a handy customer with the ball as well.

Glen Maxwell: Even though his contributions at the international stage are under scanner, the 24-year-old is a known name in the shorter format of the game. Mumbai Indians bought the right-handed off-break bowler was eventually for a cool $1m (roughly £660,000). After failing to capitalize on the opportunities that came his way in the recently concluded series against India, Maxwell would want to start off with a bang!