Rio 2016 Olympics Day 0: Atanu Das, Deepika Kumari, Bombayla Devi qualify for Rd of 32

Atanu Das qualifies for Round of 32 with a 5th place finish in the Rankings round. Deepika, Bombayla 23rd and 24th; Laxmirani finishes 43rd in the women's events.

Rio 2016 Olympics Day 0: Atanu Das, Deepika Kumari, Bombayla Devi qualify for Rd of 32

New Delhi: That's all from Day 0 of the Rio Olympics, catch us again in a few hours for the opening ceremony at Maracana Stadium.

The verdict is that Deepika and Bombayala have qualified for the round of 32 but Laxmirani misses out after finishing 43rd.

# Deepika, Bombayla 23rd and 24th; Laxmirani finishes 43rd. Team India finish 7th overall.

# A 53 in the final round and Deepika Kumari ends the Rankings Event at 20th position

# Team India climb to 7th in the overall rankings. Bombayla Devi sit at 23rd and Laxmirani Majhi is at 45th

# Redemption! Deepika scores 56/60 in the 11th round to jump to 18th place in the rankings.

# Bombayla Devi also disappoints by shooting 49. She is now placed at 22nd.

# Tragic! Deepika Kumari shoots a disappointing 48/60 and slips to 23rd spot.

# Deepika Kumari need top performance in the remaining three rounds to salvage her ranking.

Former judoka Flavio Canto shows Olympic Flame the view of the city from the Sugarloaf Mountain

# Better from Deepika Kumari! She shoots another 54 to move up to 15th. But Bombayla Devi slips to 17th.

# Laxmirani Majhi now at 50th position. India's overall rank improves to 7th.

# Better from team India, Deepika Kumari moves up one position to 17th, Bombayla Devi sits 13th

# Horror round from Deepika Kumari! Shoots 46/50 after the break and drops to 18th spot. Bombayla slips to 11th, Laxmirani to 54th. India now 8th overall.

#NOTE! This non-elimination ranking round will decide future opponents. Higher rank will help archers avoid top seeds.

# Team India lose grip on top to be placed at 5h spot as the event reaches mid-way mark

# Bombayla Devi continues to rise! Reaches 8th position after shooting 54/60. Laxmirani Majhi 49th after 6 rounds.

# Poor from Deepika Kumari! Scores a mere 49/60 to drop down to 5th rank.

# India presently sit 3rd, just just one point behind Korea, who are 2nd with 814 points.

# Deepika has seven bull's eyes (X's) and 14 X's and 10's by the end of 5th round.

# Resuring Bombayla climbs up the ranks to 9th, with a 56/60 score. Laxmirani struggling at 43rd with 50/60.

# Incredible! Deepika Kumari Shoots to No. 1 in Rankings event, total score is 280.

# Team India climb to 3rd spot, 21 points behind the leaders Korea. Laxmirani scores 54/60 in the 4th round.

# Awesome! Excellent 4th round for Deepika Kumari with 58/60 to move up to 3rd position, Bombayla Devi also rises to 15.

# Team India sit 5th at the end of 3rd round with a combined total score of 480.

#​ Three round done! Deepika holds on to the 8th spot, Bombayla scores 54/60 to be placed at 23rd, Laxmirani falls to 40 after a poor 49.

# At the end of second round, Deepika Kumari rises to 8th with a score of 110/120, Bombayla Devi jumps 11 places to 24th and Laxmirani Majhi falls to 21st.

# Here goes the first round! Deepika Kumari scores a 56, Laxmirani Majhi 54 and Bombayla Devi 52. They are placed 9th, 19th and 35th, respectively.
India are placed 2nd in the team event with a total score of 162.

Bombayla (6A), Laxmirani (7A) and Deepika (8A) are moments away from staring their campaigns at the Sambodromo.

Indian women archers begin their Rio Olympics campaign in a few minutes. Can Deepika Kumari, Laxmirani Majhi and Bombayla Devi outdo Atanu Das' achievements today?

Atanu Das will be in action again on Monday, August 8 at 17:30 IST, hoping to get through to the Round of 32.

Not over yet! Three more Indian archers will be in action in the women's ranking rounds. Stay tuned for the live coverage, next event starts at 9:30 PM IST.

# South Korean Kim Woojin sets World and Olympic Record with a total score of 700. Stunning performance!

Atanu Das qualifies for the Round of 32 with a 58 in the 12th round, bringing the grand total to 683. An impressive 5th place finish for the 24-year-old archer.

# Leader Woojin hits 59 to take his total score to 641, is 11 points ahead of new second-placed Ellison Brady.

#  Just awesome! A 59 from Atanu Das takes him up to the 7th spot. The total score is now 625. Needs to continue the same.

# Even a brilliant 58 couldn't prevent Atanu Das to slip to 11th. Total score 566.

# Atanu Das just 5 points behind second-placed Juan Rodriguez. A good round would make things very interesting.

# Another solid round from Atanu Das, to score 59. He climbs up to the 10th place with a total score of 508. Leader Kim Woojin scores a 57.

# Up he goes! Atanu with a 57 in Round 8, climbs to 13th spot, with a total score of 449.

# Atanu Das only manages a 55 taking his total score to 392, 7 ahead of 33rd-placed archer Daniel Lucas. Note! only 32 archers can progress from this round.

# The Indian archer is 11 shy of leader Kim Woojin, who has a total of 7 bull's eyes (X's) and 16 X's and 10s from the first half.

# Improvement! Atanu Das climbs up a couple of spots with a score of 57 in the 6th round. His total is now 337.

# Atanu Das in need of a much better round this time, with many archers closing in on him.

Olympic flame is arriving in Maracana for the opening ceremony

#Atanu manages a 55 in the 5th round, goes down to 17th with a total of 280.

# Atanu Das has a combined total of ten X's and 10s. Hope he continue his surge in the next round.

# A solid 57 from Atanu in the 4th round gets him up to 13th in the leaderboard.

Ahead of the opening ceremony at the iconic Maracana stadium, men's and women's archers get underway. Indian athletes, Atanu Das, Bombayla Devi, Laxmirani Majhi and Deepika Kumari will be participating in today's events.

Most of the Indian athletes have already reached Rio, including Jitu Rai, Prakash Nanjappa, Gurpreet Singh, Chain Singh, athletes Khushbir Kaur, Manpreet Kaur, women’s hockey team, Sajan Prakash and Shivani Katariya and most of the coaches and officials. Housed in building no. 31, India begin their quest with the ranking round in men’s and women’s individual ranking events of Archery.


Event: Men's Individual Ranking Round

Time: 5:30 PM onwards

Athlete: Atanu Das

Venue: Sambodromo


The next phase, Round of 64, will commence on Monday (August 8)

Event: Women's Individual Ranking Round

Time: 9:30 PM onwards

Athletes: Bombayla Devi Laishram, Laxmirani Majhi, Deepika Kumari

Venue: Sambodromo


​The next phase, Round of 64, will commence on Thursday (August 11)

Event: Women's Team Ranking Round

Time: 9:30 PM onwards

Athletes: Bombayla Devi Laishram, Laxmirani Majhi, Deepika Kumari

Venue: Sambodromo