Rio Olympics 2016, Day 7 — As it happened...

There was disappointment in store in athletics for the Indian contingent, but Vikas Krishan and mizxed-doubles tennis team lift the mood.

Rio Olympics 2016, Day 7 — As it happened...

New Delhi: The mixed doubles team in tennis and boxer Vikas Krishan brought a smile on the faces of Indian fans.

8:55 IST: Here's the updated Medal Tally.

8:02 IST: Dutee Chand finishes 7th in women's 100m heat, fails to qualify for final

7:14 IST: Ankit Sharma finishes 24th in the Long Jump qualifiers, fails to make it to the final.

6:51 IST: After two fouls, long jumper Ankit Sharma finishes 7.67m in Group B

6:48 IST: HUGE UPSET! Joseph Schooling of Singapore wins the100m butterfly with a time of 50.39, which is a new Olympic record, beating Michael Phelps.

6:28 IST: Muhammed Anas fails to qualify for semi-finals of the Men's 400m. He finishd 6th with a time of 45.95 in his Heat.

6:15 IST: It's another Olympic gold for Rafael Nadal! He and Marc Lopez win the men's doubles

Still to come...

04:07 IST: Vikas Krishan is declared winner by points against Sipal Onder. He enters the quarter-finals.

03:55 IST: Vikas Krishan takes the 2nd round in Pre-QF (75 kg) Vs Sipal Onder (Tur)

03:48 IST: Vikas Krishan takes the 1st round in Pre-QF (75 kg) Vs Sipal Onder (Tur)

03:48 IST: Vikas Krishan up against Onder Şipal of Turkey in round of 16 right now.

03:38 IST: Sania-Rohan beat Murray-Watson, enter mixed doubles semi-finals. India win 6-4, 6-4.

03:36 IST: Murray holds. India lead 5-4. Rohan to serve for the match.

03:28 IST: Sania-Rohan lead the 2nd set 4-2 and in complete command.

03:08 IST: Big serving game from Rohan. India win 1st set 6-4.

03:00 IST: Sania-Rohan have turned it around. The now lead 5-3 in the first set.

02:41 IST: Murray-Watson up 2-0 in the 1st set

02:14 IST: We are minutes away from the big mixed doubles QF clash.

01:46 IST: Update on Sania-Bopanna mixed doubles quarterfinal match

01:08 IST: Update from the Golf event

12:28 AM IST: In 20km Race Walk, India's Manish Singh finishes 13th with a timing of 1:21:21 out of 74 men.

12:26 AM IST: 20 km Race Walk: Manish Singh at 18th spot at 18 km mark. Just 2 km to go!

12:22 AM IST: Meanwhile, huge upset in women's football as USA - the 2008 & 2012 gold medallists - are knocked out by Sweden on penalties.

​​12:08 AM IST: Manish Singh at 18th spot at 16 km mark

12:01 AM IST: Men's 20km Race Walk at 14km mark, India's Manish Singh drops to 19th.

11:55 PM IST: Manish Singh drops to 18th spot at 12 km mark in Men's 20 Km walk

​11:52 PM IST: Ganapathy Krishnan received three warnings for a loss of contact.

11:46 PM IST: Another athlete goes in race walking.  Krishnan Ganapathy also disqualified after 3 warnings

11:40 PM IST: Men's 20km Race Walk: At 8km mark, India's 's Manish Singh drops to 18th, Ganapathi Krishnan at 34th

11:35 PM IST: After 6 km, Manish Singh is at the 10th spot while Krishnan Ganapathi is at 27th.

​​11:32 PM IST: 20 km Race Walk: India's Gurmeet Singh disqualified after 3 warnings, 4 km into the race. Poor show!

11:29 PM IST: 20 km RaceWalk: After 4 km, Manish Singh at 10th spot; Krishnan Ganapathi at 27th spot

11:26 PM IST: India's Gurmeet Singh, Manish Singh & Krishnan Ganapathi are in action in Men's 20km walk. Follow for live updates.

11:16 PM IST: India's Gurmeet Singh, Manish Singh and Krishnan Ganapathi will be in action shortly in the Men's 20km walk.

11:13 PM IST: Heartbreak! Manu Attri-Sumeeth Reddy out of Rio . Lose to Chinese duo 21-13, 21-15 

10:30 PM IST: India play without goalkeeper in final seconds for a an entertaining 2-2 draw with Canada.

10:29 PM IST: Meanwhile, Rower Dattu Bhokanal is out of medal contention at Rio Olympics.

10:23 PM IST: Meanwhile, Mairaj Ahmed Khan is currently in the 6th spot in Men's Skeet Qualification with 66 points.

10:20 PM IST: Penalty corner No. 3 to Canada, and they score to level the score 2-2.

10:19 PM IST: Penalty corner to Canada. but Sreejesh SAVES to keep the score 2-1.

10:10 PM IST: India lead Canada 2-1 after an extremely attacking third quarter.

10:04 PM IST: GOAL! Ramandeep Singh with India's second. India's 2nd field goal in the event.

09:59 PM IST: Scott Tupper the scorer of first goal for the Canadians, who fail to get a second goal after a referral by the umpire himself.

09:55 PM IST: Penalty corner to Canada, and they concert to level the score.

09:53 PM IST: FINALLY A GOAL! India score after a penalty corner to go 1-0 up against Canada

​​09:51 PM IST: 3rd quarter gets underway. Who will break the shackles? India or Canada

09:40 PM IST: End of Q2 but score is still blank after both teams miss numerous chances.

09:35 PM IST: Unreal save from the Canadian captain, after the ball had beaten the goalie. 

09:34 PM IST: SV Sunil being stretchered off. The injury looks serious

09:33 PM IST: Meanwhile, Dattu Bhokanal finishes second in the Semifinal C/D 2 to qualify for Final C

09:31 PM IST: Missed opportunity! India should be 1-0 up but the scoreboards still reads blank.

​​09:30 PM IST: Gurpreet Singh ends stage 1 with 289 points in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Qualification. Faint chances of qualification.

09:22 PM IST: Canadian goalkeeper literally keeping India. The score somehow remains goalless.

09:18 PM IST: Canada squander a glorious chance at the end of Q1, as the score remains goalless.

09:16 PM IST: Nail-biting! India awarded PC, but Canada almost scored from the counter.

​​09:14 PM IST: Gurpreet Singh drops to fourth place after scoring 90 in series 4.

09:13 PM IST: Three mins left in the first quarter and India have not yet succeeded in converting the pressure into a goal

09:10 PM IST: Men's 25m Rapid-Fire Pistol Qualyfing event consists of 2 stages of 30 shots each with max point per shot being 10 - top 6 will qualify for finals

09:06 PM IST: At the end of stage 1, Gurpreet Singh is in 4th spot with a total of 289 in 25m Rapid-Fire Pistol

09:04 PM IST: Indian team dominating in early minutes of the first quarter.

09:01 PM IST: Meanwhile, Gurpreet Singh drops to 4th rank after shooting a score of 90 in Series 4. Also, India vs Canada hockey match is underway now.

08:58 PM IST: India's Mairaj Ahmad Khan in brilliant form too. At joint 3rd spot so far with 49/50 after 2 rounds of qualifying event.

08:57 PM IST: Outstanding work from Gurpreet Singh so far! He is in 2nd position after shooting a total of 199 in Series 8 and 6.

​​08:53 PM IST: Indi​​an men's hockey team will be up against Canada in their last Pool B match at 09:00 PM IST.

08:39 PM IST: Vikas Gowda fails to qualify for Discus Throw finals. He recorded throws of 57.59, 58.99 and 58.70

08:38 PM IST: Update! Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponappa are out of Rio Olympics with one game to spare in the Group A.

08:20 PM IST: Meanwhile, Ethiopia's Almaz Ayana wins women's 10,000m gold, sets world record with a time of 29:17.45.​​​

08:19 PM IST: Vikas Gowda throws 58.99 in his 2nd attempt in men's discus throw qualifying round. Too far from the qualifying mark!

08:11 PM IST: The qualification mark in discus throw is 65.5, while Vikas Gaowda's best is 65.20.

​​​​08:09 PM IST: Vikas Gowda's first throw is 57.59. Sweden's Axel leads with 63.58.

​​08:05 PM IST: Vikas Gowda, with a throw of 57.59 in 1st attempt, is in 21st place currently in men's discus qualification

07:30 PM IST:  Dutch pair, S. Piek and E. Muskens wins the decider 21-17. Ponappa-Gutta lose second group game in a row

07:28 PM IST: India's Mairaj Ahmad Khan begins skeet shooting event.

07:26 PM IST: Thrilling fight back from Ponappa=Gutta. They are now trailing 17-15

​​07:24 PM IST: Jwala Gutta-Ashwini Ponnappa trailing 16-12 in the decider.

07:22 PM IST: Women's Shotput: Manpreet Kaur out of contention in qualifying for Final. Her Best Throw: 17.06m

07:19 PM IST: Back-to-back errors from the India duo in the deciding game. Score stands IND 8-11 NED

07:17 PM IST: India's Vikas Gowda will be in action in Men's Dicuss Throw Qualifying at 7:25 PM IST

​​​​07:14 PM IST: Gutta/Ponnappa lead 6-5 in the deciding game against the Netherlands pai

​​07:13 PM IST: Manpreet Kaur throws a best of 17.06m in her two attempts in women's shot put. She is out of the qualifying

07:10 PM IST: Heartbreak! Jinson Johnson comes 5th in his men's 800m heats with a time of 1:47:27, fails to qualify for finals

07:08 PM IST: Gutta-Ponappa win second game 21-16. Can they win the decider now?

07:05 PM IST: In the women’s shot put qualification, Manpreet Kaur scores 17.06 with her second throw, she is at 12th spot currently.

07:04 PM IST: Meanwhile, India's Jinson Johnson is running in heat 3, which also includes Kenyan 800m world record holder David Rudisha

07:00 PM IST:  ​In Women's shotput, Manpreet Kaur makes a 16.68m throw and fails to qualify for finals.​​

06:55 PM IST: Ponappa-Gutta leading 10-8 in second game. Will they win this one?

06:47 PM IST: India lose first game to Netherlands 21-16 in Women's Badminton

​​06:45 PM IST: Gutta/Ponnappa are losing plot in the 1st game. down 15-19 to the Dutch pair

06:40 PM IST: Netherlands pair forcing the Indian duo to make errors. India 15-10 down

06:38 PM IST: Great point and the backhand error by Ponnappa ends a 26-stroke rally. 10-8 to the Dutch

​​​​06:34 PM IST: Meanwhile, Vikas Gowda is in Group B of the Qualification Round in men's discus throw.

​​06:33 PM IST: Gutta/Ponnappa up by three points. 7-4 as they slowly exert their control in the first game

​​​​​​06:30 PM IST: Manpreet Kaur will be in action in women's shot put qualification at 18:35 IST.

​​​​06:25 PM IST: Ashwini Ponappa and Jwala Gutta play their second group game against Dutch duo. They are in action now!

​​06:23 PM IST: Chain Singh scores 619.6 to be placed 36th in the men's 50m rifle prone

06:19 PM IST: GaganNarang out of Rio2016 after scoring 623.1 to place outside the Top 8.

06:17 PM IST: Disappointing! Gagan Narang fails to qualify for the finals after a poor show in 6th series

​​06:16 PM IST: Gagan Narang with a 102.4 in the sixth series and this pushes him down to 14th spot

06:15 PM IST: Gagan Narang at 9th spot currently with 2 shots left. Top 8 qualify for Final.​​​

06:13 PM IST Gagan slides to 10th with a poor shot. This can come back to haunt him

06:12 PM IST: 515.8 for Chain Singh at the end of his Series 5 and he stands at 37th.

​​06:11 PM IST: Gagan Narang currently stands at 7th in the 6th and last series.

06:09 PM IST: Chain Singh currently at 38th position as his 5th Series is underway.

​​06:07 PM IST: Mairaj Ahmad Khan in action now in skeet shooting qualification.

06:06 PM IST: 520.7 points for  Gagan Narang at the end of Series 5.​​​

06:04 PM IST: Gagan Narang stands at 8th, he has to maintain his place to qualify for finals.

06:01 PM IST: Atanu Das draws 5th set but crashes out of the Rio Olympics 2016. He was India's last hope of a medal in archery.

​​​​​​​​05:59 PM IST: Atanu Das loses the fourth set 27-28 vs Lee Seung-Yun of Korea in the pre-quarters

​​​​​​05:58 PM IST: Gagan Narang slips down to 8th in the fourth series.

​​​​05:57 PM IST: Atanu Das 3-3 against Seungyun Lee in Men's individual pre-quarterfinal

​​05:56 PM IST: Gagan jumps to third position, can he continue this surge?

05:55 PM IST:  Gagan Narang currently in top 5, but Chain Singh slips way down after a strong start in men's 50m rifle prone qualifying

​​05:52 PM IST: Atanu​​ Das loses first set 28-30 vs Lee Seung-Yun of Korea in the pre-quarters

05:50 PM IST: Chain Singh is struggling at 39th in the third series.

​​​​​​05:48 PM IST: Gagan Narang leaps to third with a strong start in Series 3.

​​​​05:47 PM IST: Gagan Narang in sixth place as he finishes the second series in 50m rifle prone event.

​​05:45 PM IST: Gagan Narang jumps to 4th with 156.7 points in 2nd series. Can he stay there?

05:43 PM IST: Shooting | Men's 50m Rifle Prone | 6 series of 10 shots for each shooter

05:42 PM IST: In series 2 Chain Singh has currently has 60.1 points and stands at 36th position.

​​​​​​05:39 PM IST: Gagan Narang's 1st series score = 104.7. He currently stands at 6th position.

​​​​05:38 PM IST: Update from Badminton! Jwala Gutta-Ashwini Ponnapa second Group A match has been delayed.

​​05:35 PM IST: Gagan Narang and Chain Singh are in action at the Men's 50m rifle prone qualifying event.

05:33 PM IST: Gagan Narang begins with 10.5 points in 50m rifle prone qualification. Stay tuned!

There were setbacks in women's archery where medal hopefuls Deepika Kumari and L Bombayla Devi bowed out at the pre-quarterfinal stage. The result means Atanu Das is the sole archer still in contention for a medal in archery.

Here's are the events taking place today along with their timings:

Golf: Indian duo of Anirban Lahiri and SSP Chawrasia will feature in Round 2 of the Men's individual event Time: 04:00 pm onwards

Shooting: Chain Singh and Gagan Narang will compete in the Qualification stage of the Men's 50m rifle prone

Time: 05:30 pm onwards

Mairaj Ahmad Khan will be in action in the Qualification stage of the Men's skeet event

Time: 6:00 pm onwards

Gurpreet Singh will participate in the Qualification round of the Men's 25m rapid fire pistol event

Time: 8:45 pm onwards

Badminton: Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa will face S. Piek and E. Muskens from Netherlands in Group A of the Women's doubles event

Time: 05:30 pm onwards

Archery: Atanu Das will look to continue his good show in the Men's individual ROund of 16

Time: 05:30 pm onwards

Athletics: Vikas Gowda will compete in the Qualification stage of the Men's discuss throw
Time: 6:00 pm onwards

Manpreet Kaur will be in action in the Qualification round of the Women's shot put
Time: 6:35 pm onwards

Jinson JOhnson will take part in the Heat 3 of the Men's 800m
Time: 6:40 pm onwards

Manish Singh, Gurmeet Singh and Krishnan Ganapathi will feature in the final of the 20km walk
Time: 11:00 pm onwards

Muhammed Anas will compete in Heat 7 of the Men's 400m
Time: 5:35 am onwards (August 13)

Ankit Sharma will be in action in the Qualification stage of the Men's long jump
Time: 5:50 am onwards (August 13)

Field hockey: Having already qualified for the quarter-finals, PR Sreejesh and co will take on Canada in a Group B clash.
Time: 9:00 pm onwards

Tennis: Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna will face Britain's Andy Murray and Heather Watson in quarterfinals of the mixed doubles
Time: 11:30 pm onwards

Boxing: Vikas Krishan will fight in the Men's middle 75 kg category
Time: 3:30 am onwards (August 13)