SA Council on Alcohol and Drug disappointed with Gibbs

Updated: Nov 02, 2010, 12:26 PM IST

Johannesburg: Herschelle Gibbs` teammates and Cricket South Africa are not the only ones miffed with the opener`s autobiography, the country`s National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence is also "disappointed" with him for his revelations on sex and drugs in the book.

Titled `To the Point`, the autobiography was released yesterday and SANCA said the disclosures made by Gibbs were "of great concern".

"Such cricket enthusiasts revere Herschelle Gibbs and other players, but the message they now receive is that it is acceptable to use excessive alcohol, smoke dagga and indulge in sexual orgies," the body was quoted as saying in the media here.

Gibbs has given details of his sexual escapades while on tour along with instances of alcohol and drug abuse by him in the book and, according to SANCA, CSA should take action against Gibbs.

"Dagga is a gateway drug that frequently leads to more serious drug addiction," SANCA said.

"Given the important role sportsmen and international cricketers fulfill in shaping a world view and value system among many young people and scholars, SANCA urges Cricket SA to take whatever action it is able to in order to restore the credibility of international cricket as a game of honour in the eyes of the youth," it added.