IOC chief says Russia `delivered all it promised`

Sochi: IOC President Thomas Bach on Sunday congratulated Russia for delivering "all what it had promised" in hosting the Sochi Games and thanked President Vladimir Putin for his role ensuring their "extraordinary success".

Bach said the Games helped show "the face of a new Russia, efficient and friendly, patriotic and open to the world", describing these Olympics as "the athletes` Games".

The International Olympic Committee chief said that Russia and Putin had fulfilled all the promises they made when their bid was accepted in 2007.

"Our Russian hosts had promised excellent sports venues, outstanding Olympic Villages and an impeccable organisation.

"Tonight we can say: Russia delivered all what it had promised."

"What took decades in other parts of the world was achieved here in just seven years," he added.

Bach thanked Putin "for his personal commitment to the extraordinary success of these Olympic Winter Games."

He said the Games had sent a message of "peace, tolerance and respect."

"I appeal to everybody implicated in confrontation, oppression or violence -- act on this Olympic message of dialogue and peace."

He praised the thousands of mainly young volunteers from across Russia who took part in the organisation of the Games, saying "your wonderful engagement will create the legacy of a stronger civil society in Russia."

"Through you, everybody with an open mind could see the face of a new Russia: efficient and friendly, patriotic and open to the world."

"All our partners and friends allowed the world`s best athletes to give their best. These were the Athletes` Games."