`Whole heap of batsmen` were `scared` of him during career: Jeff Thomas

Sydney: Australian cricket legend Jeff Thomas, unofficially known as the fastest bowler of all time, has claimed that a `whole heap of batsmen` were scared of him when he was in his prime.

Known as `Thommo`, Thomas blasted out 200 Test wickets and had played in domestic side Queensland as captain.

According to a website, Thomas stated that a number of batsmen, including the English, used to `shit themselves`, adding that he could `smell` their fear.

Thomas further added that England legend Sir Ian Botham never got any runs against him, especially when he bowled fast, adding that he also failed to perform against the West Indies of that time.

Thomas also aserted that he had bowled faster than the recorded 160km/h, adding that he knows every single bone he broke and the players who were too scored to play shots.

According to Thomas, his bowling action came naturally to him as it got passed down the genes to him, his sons and his brothers from his father, who was also a good cricketer.