Andrew Flintoff beats 14 bizarre world records in just 12 hrs for charity

London: Andrew Flintoff set an incredible 14 Guinness World Records within 12 hours to raise funds for Sport Relief.

The challenges comprised having the quickest time for drinking a hot chocolate - gulping the drink in 5.45 seconds, and managing to eat 38 peas with a cocktail stick in 30 seconds.

And although he walked away triumphant, it was no easy feat as he had a series of near misses earlier in the day, a leading daily reported.

As the former England captain started off the day he attempted at completing a reverse bungee task but narrowly failed, followed by missing a three-point turn by three centimetres.

But he finished the car task in a second attempt in the morning.

And he successfully completed the challenge he was most eager to gain a certificate for - to complete the fastest 100 metres on a pedalo with his fellow cricketer Steve Harmison.

The pair managed to complete the 100 metres in 1 minute 58.62 seconds.

Freddie was pleased about being able to pedalo for a good cause.

“It’s been an emotional day and it didn’t start off too well this morning. I was too heavy for the bungee and I couldn’t drive.”

“But it was no secret that the one I really wanted was the pedalo - so I am thrilled I got that.”

“Steve Harmison joined me for part of the day and he helped me get two records. It`s been a fantastic day, I’ve set 14 records and the best bit is it’s all been to raise money for Sport Relief.”

Freddie even wrote to Piers Morgan on Twitter before taking to the water: “Will be gutted if I don’t break the pedalo record ! I’m sober too , I have a chance @piersmorgan.”

All through the day, Freddie also managed to kiss 40 people in 30 seconds, a feat he completed live on air during ITV1’s Loose Women.

And he also caught 20 lemons in one minute while being blindfolded.

But while he succeeded in several bizarre challenges, he failed spectacularly earlier in the day live on TV.

Flintoff was trying to wrap host Holly Willoughby in newspaper in three minutes and seven seconds, but he struggled to find the end of the sellotape, costing him valuable time.

Flintoff`s 14 world record successes include:

• Popping the most party poppers ever popped in one minute (52)

• Fastest time to drink a hot chocolate (5.45 seconds)

• Most Facebook likes in one hour (52,719)

• Fastest 100 metres on a pedalo (1 minute 58.62 seconds), with fellow cricketer Steve Harmison

• Most kisses in 30 seconds (40), a record he broke live on air in the Loose Women studio

• Most peas eaten with a cocktail stick in 30 seconds (38)

• Most people popping party poppers together (420)

• Fastest time to high-five 20 people blindfolded (6.53 seconds)

• Most cricket deliveries faced in one minute (19), helped by fellow sport star Gary Lineker and McFly`s Harry Judd

• Fastest three-point turn in a car (14.01 seconds), after failing his first attempt by two seconds this morning

• Fastest zorb over 100 metres (26.59 seconds)

• Most hot dogs made in one minute (9)

• Longest distance to throw a bullseye in darts (5.05 metres)

• Most lemons caught while blindfolded in one minute (20), again with Harmison


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