Argentina fans celebrate Messi`s birthday in Kolkata

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2013, 21:55 PM IST

Kolkata: About 16,000kms away from the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires, soccer fans here celebrated the 27th birthday of super star Lionel Messi by cutting a huge cake and organising a blood donation camp.

Teenagers and youths - all members of the Argentina Fans` Club - celebrated the occasion with great pomp at Ganguly Bagan in the southern outskirts of the city where giant cut-outs of the soccer genius were put up with "Happy Birthday" written on them.

The cake, 170cms in length and 107cms in breadth, and shaped like a soccer field, was cut by young fans decked up in the Argentine national team colours of sky blue and white. Messi`s jersey number 10 was written at the back.

More than 600 people then gave their blood at a blood donation club.

"This is an annual event. Earlier we used to celebrate Diego Maradona`s birthday by holding the blood donation camp. Now on Maradona`s birthday, we only cut a cake," Argentina Fans` club Secretary Uttam Saha said.