Aussie adventurer to smash world speed record

Melbourne: An Australian adventurer is attempting to break the world speed record this year with a hybrid glider-boat which can reach speeds of more than 100 kilometers an hour.

UK-based Paul Larsen, originally from Healesville in Victoria, hopes to break the record held by a kite surfer with his Vestas Sailrocket 2 in Namibia, Africa, reports.

"Vestas Sailrocket 2 is truly a hybrid glider-boat,```` Larsen said.

He added: "It is currently banging its head against the conventional limits which it is designed to break through. We are still very much in development and still believe that we will make the breakthroughs that will yield massive performance gains. I hope 2012 is our year.````

Larsen, 41, reached speeds of 55.4 knots in Namibia last year, but the record is based on an average speed over 500 meters.

The current record of 55.65 knots - or around 104km an hour - is held by American kite surfer, Rob Douglas.


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