Balotelli far removed from his ‘untameable image’, says girlfriend Raffaella

London: Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend, Raffaella Fico, has revealed that the real Mario is actually far-flung from his ‘untameable image’.

Balotelli is presently one of the most talked-about footballers in the world, as much for his crazy off-the-field antics as for his inspiring skills.

But while riding quad bikes around his garden, high-fiving fans from his open-top 200,000 pounds Bentley and scoring remarkable goals for Manchester City, the 25 million pounds striker has Fico to do the housework.

“He gets up early and goes to training while I do the housework,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

“When he comes home, I cook him a pasta lunch and we go for a swim. In the evening we might go out for dinner or I will cook him lasagne and we will watch a DVD.”

Fico also revealed that Balotelli is in reality a ‘simple’, ‘family-oriented’ person.

“He’s very deep, but very simple too. He has similar values to me, he is very family-orientated and loves to read,” she said.

“As a Neapolitan woman, the only hands in the kitchen are mine and that’s how I keep my man happy. Also... Mario can’t cook anything.”

Balotelli has been a constant source of gossip, since the time he joined Manchester City a year ago but Raffaella has asserted that most of the stories pertaining to his raving lifestyle are untrue.

“A lot of those stories aren’t true.”

“One said his mother sent him out to buy an ironing board and he came back with a John Lewis lorry full of 20,000 pounds worth of stuff including a trampoline and a Scalextric.”

“I was there at the time, it didn’t happen. He already has an ­ironing board... and I should know ­because I do his ironing. And he does a lot of work for charity,” she added.


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