Bradman’s iconic ‘backyard cricket’ bats up for grabs

Legendary cricketer Sir Donald Bradman’s bat used for playing cricket in his backyard will go under hammer on Sunday and is expected to fetch around 15,000 to 20,000 dollars.

Also up for auction on Sunday, and expected to fetch 20,000 to 30,000 dollars is a Sykes Don Bradman bat used by him during the 1930 Ashes tour of England and signed by him on the reverse, with signatures of the Australian and English players on the front.

Aalders Auctions in Erskineville will sell the bat used by Bradman to play backyard cricket at his Adelaide home.

Sports memorabilia expert Tom Thompson said: “It is perhaps the ultimate backyard bat.”

Bradman’s fellow players like Keith Miller, Lindsay Hassett and others also used the bat to play cricket in the backyard when they were invited for a light afternoon tea after each Adelaide Test match.

The three-quarter sized Junior Don Bradman bat, mass produced by the British firm Sykes for young cricketers, was made in 1936 and signed by Bradman in the ownership position of the upper-left, reverse, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

“When there was an Adelaide game everybody would go back and play in Bradman’s backyard. It was a fun thing. The only rule that I was ever told by Bradman was that over the fence was definitely out and you couldn’t play,” Thompson said.

“He called them ‘ill-considered shots’. It was all about control and precision. With Bradman there was always rules,” he added.