Carroll’s ‘FIFA 12 Fabianski kiss’ hit with gaming fans

London: A glitch in football video game FIFA 12 that sees Liverpool striker Andy Carroll share a passionate kiss with Arsenal goalie Lukasz Fabianski is proving a real hit online.

A YouTube clip of the players locking lips after Carroll scores a goal has been viewed over a million times, The Sun reports.

It is not clear whether the clip comes from a demo version or the officially released version of the popular EA Sports game, but the glitch is likely to have been the result of a new collision detection system featured in FIFA 12.

The system is designed to make the game more realistic in regards to injuries and tussles between players, but can reportedly lead to unforeseen reactions and preposterous movements.

Over 5,000 people have ‘liked’ the clip and over 1000 have posted comments.

One said: “Surely that’s a bug - Andy Carroll would never score a goal.”


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