I don`t think I am that good looking: Jessica Ennis

London: Former World heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis has revealed that she suffers from the same body insecurities as any other woman.

According to an interview with Marie Claire, the 25-year-old confessed that during her teens she “wanted a figure like anyone else”, but “as I’ve got older I’ve been able to see my body in a different way – it’s a tool for the job”, the Daily Mail reported.

Being a champion athlete, Ennis’ focus is naturally on being in the best possible shape to compete, but as a result she feels that her figure isn’t especially feminine.

During the interview, she chatted about her preparations for the Olympics, engagement to her boyfriend Andy Hill and the pressure to maintain her appearance.

She looked stunning in the magazine’s shoot, in which she shows off her incredible figure wearing some very revealing sportswear.

The athlete explained that though it isn’t her ideal to be as muscular as she is, she accepts that being a certain shape is a necessity to perform as well as she does.

Nevertheless, she confessed that the pressure to look good is so great that she doesn’t even walk the dog without wearing makeup.

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