Ian Rush`s wife files for divorce

London: Ian Rush`s wife has demanded a divorce after finding out that the football legend had an affair with a model, 20 years younger than him.

The Liverpool FC hero has reportedly been seeing an Irish beauty, Carol Anthony for three years behind wife Tracy`s back.

He was seen flying off to Malta with the 30-year-old model, last week.

They want to begin a new life together once Rush`s split from Tracy, 52, is finalized.

Housewife Tracy suspected an affair since September, but took this strong decision in recent weeks, after 26 years of marriage.

A footballer friend of `The Kop superstar` has reveled that Rush`s wife is "going hell for leather".

Rush was handed a legal letter threatening divorce proceedings by Tracy at their 1.5million pounds Merseyside home after he returned from holiday with Anthony.

The 51-year-old footballer, who has sons Jonathan, 23, and Daniel, 20, fell for the leggy brunette after they met in Portugal in 2010.

A friend of Anthony has revealed that they chatted and exchanged telephone numbers and from that point, they texted each other all the time.

Rush and Carol have also enjoyed trysts in Dubai, Malta, Ireland and across Britain.

He had previously described Tracy, who he wed in 1987, as `the backbone of the family`.

Tracy came to know about the affair after finding an explicit text on her husband`s mobile phone from Carol.

A friend of the footballer has revealed that Tracy is devastated and she feels that she had given up her whole life for a person, who may not have loved her ever.