I’m just a normal girl, says £3b worth Tamara Ecclestone

London: Despite having 3 billion pounds trust fund at her disposal, Tamara Ecclestone insists that she is just a normal 27-year-old girl.

Tamara is presently splurging 18 million pounds renovating the 45million pounds Kensington house dad Bernie, 81, bought her last year – adding such essentials as a 500,000 pounds Amazonian crystal bathtub, underground nightclub, beauty salon, bowling alley, and a dog spa for her five pampered pooches.

“I am not an airhead,” the Mirror quoted Tamara as saying.

“At the end of the day I’m just a normal 27-year-old girl. I enjoy shopping and going on holiday. Ask any girls my age up and down the country if they enjoy going shopping – of course they do.

“Well, yes... It might be on a different scale but they still enjoy it and like the same things,” she added.