Jonty Rhodes` motorcycle diaries

Updated: May 04, 2011, 19:47 PM IST

Mumbai: One of the game`s finest fielders, Jonty Rhodes is now using his athleticism and acrobatic skills to beat the notorious traffic on Mumbai roads, and the taxing schedule of the Indian Premier League.

A ride on a mobike is how the former South Africa batsman relaxes.

"In a team environment you are all the time in the team hotel and it`s a nice release even if it is just a two and half minutes down the road. It`s nice to be outside and enjoy the traffic in Mumbai. We dodge around, dive around in the stadium, (but) it`s certainly a different kind of dodging in the traffic. I am enjoying it," Rhodes said.

"One thing about India is that to go out of the city you need to drive two to three hours, while in Mumbai you can drive for three hours and still be in the city.”

"You come back and don`t get lost. People get nervous about the traffic but if you go slow there is no real threat and they understand that," he added.

Rhodes` riding experience is not just restricted to Mumbai as he has explored different places across the country including Goa, Kashmir and Rajasthan.

"Last year, I went to their (Royal Enfield`s) factory in Chennai and wrote to the CEO and went out and saw how the bike is being manufactured. Then the Jaipur Enfield Riders club took me around and helped me explore the beautiful country side.”

"I have done snowboarding in Kashmir. We don`t get that much snow in South Africa. Last year I stayed back in India after the IPL, and I and my girlfriend spent a week in Goa," he said.