Kamande`s `Gunnzie` comment stumps media

Updated: Mar 19, 2011, 18:25 PM IST

Kolkata: Kenyan captain Jimmy Kamande on Saturday described their veteran batsman Steve Tikolo as `gunnzie`, something that was misinterpreted as Gandhi in the media.

Tikolo will make a final international appearance tomorrow when he steps on to bat against Zimbabwe in their concluding group A match.

Asked to describe Tikolo`s contribution to the Kenyan cricket, Kamande said, "We call him `gunnzie` (somebody who fires like a gun)..."

"He is a legend, he is the man actually who made us play one-day international cricket... He is the one who made us qualify for the first time in 1996 World Cup," Kamande said.

The word `gunnzie` was wrongly interpreted in the media as Gandhi, the Father of the Nation.

But soon it was clarified by Tikolo himself as he said, "The captain must have meant `gunnzie` a local word that means somebody with the firepower."