Michael Phelps celebrates retirement with bikini-clad beauties in Las Vegas

London: Michael Phelps celebrated the end of his record-shattering swimming career with a Las Vegas pool party, surrounded by a crowd of bikini clad women.

At one point it looked like the 27-year-old former swimmer was going to take a bite off the cake, brought to celebrate his Olympic success, even before it was even cut as he hammed it up for the ladies.

The 18-time gold medalist brought the curtain down on his career after failing to match his eight gold haul of 2008, though he still ended up walking away with an impressive four.

Phelps’ was joined at the party by his friend and fellow Olympic champion swimmer Allison Schmidt, who he greeted with a hug.

It has certainly been a successful visit to Sin City for the popular athlete, as he earned another 100,000 dollars in winnings from a recent trip to the poker table after a successful weekend.

Phelps had played a cash poker game at Caesar’s Palace casino, only to walk away with 100,000 dollars from the single game.

He went on to spend a sizeable amount of the winnings later that evening at Tryst nightclub in the Wynn hotel.