Michelle Obama plays basketball to promote anti-obesity campaign

Washington: Michelle Obama, who was in North Carolina for two Democratic Party events, promoted her ‘Let’s Move!’ fitness program with children from two elementary schools before the fundraisers.

The 48-year-old lawyer walked to midcourt and addressed the crowd about her national anti-obesity campaign. She touted basketball as a way to keep active.

“We need them to be the next generation to handle challenges,” the Huffington Post quoted her as saying.

The wife of US President Barack Obama even promised she wouldn’t talk long because “we’re going to be moving around.’

“There’s no better way than basketball to illustrate the point of staying healthy. We are a basketball family and my husband is a crazy fanatic about basketball,” she said.

Obama and Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., then took part as students from two Charlotte elementary schools competed in a relay. After the students ran the length of the court and jumped rope, Obama and Hagan tossed them basketballs so they could take shots.

Afterwards, Michelle hugged some of the children to cheers from the crowd attending the conference tournament.

The First Lady’s event took place in the arena where the Democratic National Convention will be held in early September.