Mike Selvey expects England`s `trendy diet` to get published after Ashes

Sydney: Former England bowler Mike Selvey reportedly expects England`s 92 item recipe list for the current Ashes to make it on to the bookshelves after the series end.

According to a Newspaper, when the Test team`s dossier of dietary demands, which contained new-age culinary items, was leaked to the media before the series, Selvey found that he had in his pantry almost every trendy ingredient on the list like quinoa, Goji berries.

However, Selvey found that he was missing Agave syrup, the plant nectar from South America used to sweeten iced tea or pancakes.

The report mentioned that how well the recipe-book sells if it ever hit the shelves might depend on how Alastair Cook`s team fares on the field in the next six weeks.