Mike Tyson credits ‘Hangover’ movie for helping with sobriety

Updated: Jul 19, 2012, 14:53 PM IST

Washington: Mike Tyson has revealed that his role in the hit 2009 film ‘The Hangover,’ which was about three groomsmen and their drunken Vegas debauchery, actually helped him become sober and get his life back on track.

The former boxing heavyweight champ, who has had three stints in rehab for substance abuse, said that he was still in a “dark place” when the movie was filming.

But after it came out, he said one day he was swarmed by a tour group full of kids, who hugged him and asked him all sorts of questions about his ‘Hangover’ performance, in which he played himself as the owner of a stolen white Bengal tiger.

“That changed everything for me, which I’m so appreciative. That was just some good stuff,” ABC News quoted him as saying on US late-night news program ‘Nightline’.

In the brutally honest interview, Tyson opened up about his turbulent past, dealing with substance abuse and moving forward.

He said that he has been sober for over three years now, but still grapples with his demons every day.

“I’m just constantly working on turning. It doesn’t happen overnight,” he said.

“I may have a good few years in me but it’s still not out of me. You still have to work consistently.

“Every moment of the day you have to work because your demons always — that’s who you are,” he added.